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Do you need another push for D3?

30 October 2007 Dr Koh 0

Do you need another push for Nikon D3? If so, just click the link below: Disclaimer: KhoKing takes no responsibility for anyone who has been warned and still click on the link above…

made in Japan…BCG injection mark

30 October 2007 Dr Koh 4

Those newborn baby in Japan, or even if not born in Japan, there is BCG injection in October for all newborn babies. In Malaysia, BCG injection was given on the same birthdate, same as Taiwan. However, in Japan […]

Catch the Leopard?

27 October 2007 Dr Koh 0

Are you ready to catch the Leopard? Just launched yesterday… Am I upgrading? Nah…though I have a macBook with Dual Core Processor and 2GB RAM, I am not going to upgrade from Tiger to Leopard. I don’t use […]

Internet banking user growing…

26 October 2007 Dr Koh 2

Internet banking user is growing furiously nowadays. With more and more people going online, people tend to love settle things online rather than having to queue in the counter. Yeah…the first and most popular internet banking site is […]

Sample photos using Lambency Flash Diffuser

26 October 2007 Dr Koh 5

Here are some photos of my wife and baby using Lambency flash diffuser. With flash, I was able to shoot at lower ISO and higher shutter speed, hence getting sharper images. You probably won’t notice much different from […]

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Lambency Flash Diffuser

23 October 2007 Dr Koh 2

I just received my Lambency Flash Diffuser last week. Tried it last night and I am totally blown away by the results! Lambency Flash Diffuser The shots look so natural that you can hardly notice flash was used! […]

ASKA Tripper V Firmware V1.23

23 October 2007 Dr Koh 2

ASKA has just announced a new firmware for their Tripper V portable storage device – version 1.23. Changes: A part of mis-display of Exif information generated by the image of which it took a picture with the camera […]

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GMAIL space…ever increasing!

20 October 2007 Dr Koh 0

I just noticed this at the bottom of my Gmail account: You are currently using 2027 MB (51%) of your 3964 MB. If you log out of Gmail and went to the front page of Gmail, you will […]

Ricoh GR Digital Discontinued

20 October 2007 Dr Koh 0

Ricoh has just announced that their GR Digital Camera has been discontinued, after it first hits the market in Oct 2005. Stock is running out fast in the market after the announcement. If you still want a digital […]

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19 October 2007 foong 3

今天带诺诺去教会参加了姐妹小组聚会. 有些感触… 查经前牧师请大家分享一周间要向神感恩的事. 大家都很踊跃的发表. 我心里开始很挣扎,要不要说呢? 我当然知道神在我们身上所行奇妙的事, 但是要不要说出来呢. 各位一定不明白有什么那么神秘还要挣扎一番…

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今天的读经心得 (箴言6章1~19节)

18 October 2007 foong 1

今天,我和诺诺”一起”读 箴言6章1~19节 . 当中有诺诺她爸爸喜爱的经文. 特别是看到懒惰人时,她爸爸就会提起这段经文: 懒 惰 人 哪 , 你 去 察 看 蚂 蚁 的 动 作 , 就 可 得 智 慧 。(6:6) Go to the ant, you hater of work; give thought to her […]

Gomen nasai ne Dayi

17 October 2007 foong 4

大姨, 你看!我的双眼皮长一边出来了! 对不起ne, 我不能做你的帮了.因为我快要变成美女了.耶! 哈哈哈哈哈哈.