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Renewing Student Visa

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What do you need when renewing your student visa?

Before I came to Japan, I was given 2 years visa pass. Now…in Oct 4th, my visa will be due. I need to renew my visa two weeks before the due date.

Here’s what the required documents:

  1. Scholarship/letter of scholarship from Hiroshima University
  2. Letter of attendance (meaning that you do attend the classes or go to the university)
  3. Letter of student’s results (showing what grade you got for your classes in the university)
  4. Passport
  5. Alien card (yeah…Japanese calls foreigner alien…)

1~3 just go to the administration office of your faculty and they will assist/prepare you with that. For 2 &3, you can actually print it out from the “machine” using your student card. Free of charge.

You will need to fill in some lengthy form at the foreign registration center in Hiroshima-shi. Just go to the country and ask for the form. Tell them you want to renew your visa and they will give you the form.


I just got my new renewed visa today. One year extension. Fee? Yeah…need to pay JPY4000 per person. Any other document needed? No, but I was actually supposed to wait for the foreign office to post me a card telling me my visa is ready before I went, thank God I manage to get the visa today too and the people there are very nice and efficient.

One thing I notice. They have official lunch time from 12pm-1pm, but the staffs there never use the time till full. They will take their lunch quickly, and then come back to work. This is Japanese culture, their working style, which is the very main reason they can be such a develop and successful country/nation.