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SPAMS!!! Akismet!

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I notice that my site got many comments recently…Oops…should I say SPAMS! Yeah, many are spams…with a few are from genuine users that left appreciation comments on my blog.

Got tired of deleting spams, and knowing that they will only get worse once they found you…as all are posted by bots (inhuman). I searched at wordpress site, and I remember last time there was a nice spam combat plugin…found it: Akismet!

Not sure how good is it, but instead of using Captcha, I think I want to try Akismet first, since it is very popular. Captcha can be good…only if those bots are not very smart (Captcha at vBulletin forum software site is very powerful and complicated, yet my forum (PhotoMalaysia) still got many new spam bot registration daily. So I have to implement extra question for verification to avoid bot registration. Those spam bot’s OCR is just way too good!).

Akismet, hopefully not going to disappoint me… 😛