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Internet Explorer 7 Fonts not sharp (IE7)

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I noticed something strange today when I use IE7 to browse PhotoMalaysia.com. Yeah…I just installed IE7 yesterday in order to tackle some browser issue which happens on IE7, so was “forced” to install it. I am a FireFox user, the best and perfect browser in the world (period). 🙂

So, what exactly is the problem with IE7? The first thing I notice is that everything seem blur on IE7. The fonts are not sharp…as if my spectacle is under power. Makes my head dizzy…

On the same site, when I browse with FF2, everything is “normal”, sharp and clear.

Is my mind playing illustration magic? I thought some would not believe what I am saying, so I make some screen capture of the same site using both browser and compared them side by side. See below for yourself:


It seems that IE7 cannot interpret the text colour correctly. Making single colour text into multiple colours, hence the unsharp effect.

I checked with some other sites, all same, so it is not a site issue but rather an issue with IE7. I am glad that there are choices other than IE7…my favorite is still FF2: