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The Star: “UTM a thief’s heaven”

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It is a shame with this kind of title that makes UTM popular… 🙁


Below are the quote from The Star newspaper:

PETALING JAYA: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) lost about RM900,000 worth of assets such as computers and LCD screens in six years – because just about anybody could borrow the items and not return them.

The Auditor-General’s report said that there was lax security and monitoring at the university, allowing people to steal easily.

Examples of this included no closed-circuit television cameras installed in strategic areas, no grilles on windows and doors, and too many people sharing the same key to a lab or office, the report said.

It was also reported that almost all offices and faculties did not maintain records on equipment usage.

The AG audited both campuses in Skudai, Johor, and Kuala Lumpur, and found that of the RM854,346 total loss of assets, RM605,761 (70.9%) worth were stolen from 2004 to August 2006.

It also said that the cases increased from three in 2001 to 22 in 2006.

The cases occurred in the mechanical engineering faculty, management and human resource faculty, geo-information and science engineering faculty, and student affairs department, the report stated.

The report showed in a table that the highest number of stolen assets was last year, worth RM129,807.

The table also showed that 2004 recorded the highest value of stolen assets, which was RM362,076.

The AG found that in the cases last year, there were no police reports made for the lost of a split-unit-outdoor air-conditioner worth RM4,500, a flat screen monitor worth RM1,550 and hose reel nozzles worth RM1,395.

“A final report to the vice-chancellor and finance committee was also not prepared after more than four months,” the report said.

The AG said that UTM needed to use modern technology for its security system and take stern action against careless guards when a theft occurred.

The report also said that the serial numbers on the items were not the same as on record.