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ASKA Tripper V – Packaging & Extra Battery

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Previously I thought ASKA Tripper V is just having a white box packaging as stated in my First Impression post. Which is quite unprofessional and not so appealing for such a high end and expensive product.


Today I received the stock that I ordered from ASKA (SHASHINKI is ASKA Official Dealer in Malaysia). I ordered the 120GB in quantity, which I think is the best value for money as compared to the 160GB version. Here’s the photo of the nice REAL packaging of ASKA Tripper V, which is actually very professionally designed, and they even have the 120GB stated on the box. Officially ASKA only selling 120GB and 160GB to dealers.


I can only say that the box can only be BETTER design than the Epson P-5000 and P-3000 (made in China). Very nice quality, matches the product (ASKA Tripper V) inside.

The Tripper V (40GB) that I ordered directly from ASKA previously was having just a white box, reason is because it is a special offer in limited time and quantity, hence ASKA did not make special box with 40GB printing on it like the above, instead just use a plain white box. 😛 Still, what matter is the inside content. 🙂

Besides the Tripper V 120GB, I also received stock of extra batteries from ASKA. This is a specially made battery for the Tripper V, each battery can give 70GB of download/backup/copy data to the Tripper V, which I think is the highest in the market! For comparison, Epson P-5000 can only give around 20GB of data download. With a spare of Tripper V battery in your pocket, you can have a total of 140GB of battery life! That’s even larger than the 120GB HDD capacity!


ASKA tripper V is a made in Japan product. A really good product that I would highly recommend to those who consider getting the Epson P-5000. It has bigger HDD size, bigger screen (made by Mitsubishi with NCM technology) and of course a price that is MUCH CHEAPER than the Epson counterpart!

I do not recommend this product just because I am selling it. In fact, I tested it before deciding to offer it to photographers around the world. I will not recommend something which I myself am not happy or satisfied with, I set and give high expectation for a product I dare to invest money in keeping stock in big quantity.

ASKA Tripper V – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (not just… :P)

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