3 October 2023


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What is GREY Product?

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We often hear the term “grey product” when shopping online, especially in USA shops.

What is GREY PRODUCT? Why USA shops use the word GREY for their parallel import products? The reason is simple: because the origin of the product is unknown, hence making it a grey (not white not black) product with unknown origin. In USA, shops will not tell you where their grey products came from. It can be China, Japan, Hong Kong…etc., unknown.

ShaShinKi.com parallel import products are official from Japan, I stated it clearly. You know the origin, you will have the Japan warranty card (sometimes no), Japanese menu…etc. That is why it is not called as grey product. If you know the origin of a product, you can’t call it grey set anymore.

When you go shopping oversea and bought a DSLR from say Singapore shop, do you call it a grey product? NO, because it is an official product in Singapore and you have all the document and you know the origin of the product.

People nowadays like to use GREY PRODUCT name too simply without knowing what they are talking about…hope this post will clear the cloud and give GREY a clearer definition. 🙂