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Nikon D2X versus D200 at ISO800

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I got the chance to test out a Nikon D2X today. It was a dream camera for me long time ago…whenever I saw people using it…my eyes would just follow the camera. Yeah…a handsome nice piece of art technology machine.

People were complaining about the NOISE of D2X photos, so I thought of checking and seeing it myself. 🙂

Original photo but resized to fit the web (D2X):


100% crop (D2X ISO800):


100% crop (D200 ISO800):


D200 seems to be sharper with more details, but it could be due to my handholding shot that moved the focus area differently.

Both D200 and D2X have about the same noise. D200 might be even smoother than D2X.

During the test, I do fine D2X focusing to be more accurate and faster than my D200. Shutter sound is also very different. Shutter count is very short, my guess is that the reflex mirror returns to its original position FASTer than D200. D200 sound is a bit longer, and as if there are two sounds. D2X is just like having ONE sound. This is quite hard to explain, one have to listen to both to differentiate and know the difference. 🙂