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ASKA Tripper V Speed?

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One of the most important aspect of a Photo Storage Device is the download speed of photos to the device or so call backup of memory card during shooting. Some device can take upto 20 mins to backup a 1GB memory card, while the fastest that I have known to date is NEXTO Ultra ND-2525 which can backup a 1GB memory card in less than a minute. Since I got some extra mood today, so I tested the speed of ASKA Tripper V. Backup memory card data to Tripper V is very very easy. Insert the memory card and press the COPY button, copy will start immediately.

Once it finished, it will play a nice piano sound twice (no, the sound is not disturbing). Then it will show a message Completed. You must press the OK button before you can continue. There are two types of COPY function in ASKA Tripper V: Normal or Quick Copy. Normal copy is the slow type. During copying, the LCD screen will still remain ON and you can see the copy status bar showing in real time how many files or data has been copied. Quick Copy is also called as High Speed Copy. During Quick Copy, the LCD screen will go black and the Copy button will flash the blue light. Default is Normal Copy, but can be changed in SETTING to Quick Copy.


80 Files 988MB Data (Imation CF memory card, 2 years old, maybe around 60X):

  • Normal Copy = 3 mins 12 seconds (http://dc.watch.impress.co.jp shows similar results of 3 mins 23 seconds in their test. Not extremely fast in today’s standard.)
  • Quick Copy = 1 min 52 seconds (http://dc.watch.impress.co.jp shows similar results of 1 mins 34 seconds in their test. Pretty good by today’s standard.)
  • ASKA website claims the time to be 88 seconds with high speed CF memory card, which must be in Quick Copy mode. Memory card does play an important role in backup/download speed, so with faster card, the time should reduce.

Now I am testing the PC connection speed to Tripper V. It would be useless if the PC accessing speed to the data on Tripper V is slow. For the backup data above (80 files, 988MB):

  • from Tripper V to PC via USB2.0 = 63 seconds

5 movie files total 1.01GB:

  • from PC to Tripper V via USB 2.0 port = 65 seconds

66 Nikon NEF files total 1.01GB:

  • from my PC to Tripper V (Write Speed) = 63 seconds
  • from Tripper V to PC (Read Speed) = 62 seconds

Why do I test copying speed from PC to Tripper V? Sometimes if you want to move or copy some movie files to play on the Tripper V, then you will appreciate the write speed of the Tripper V. Conclusion: Memory card backup/download speed is acceptable. Quick Copy mode is shows satisfying results (988MB downloaded in 1 min 34 seconds), which I would probably set it as the standard mode. PC connection speed to Tripper V is quite impressive and satisfying. Definitely a pleasure to use when copy data from Tripper V to and from PC. One thing to note: When connected to PC, I found that my ASKA Tripper V must be power supplied, else it will not be readable from my notebook (Dell Latitude D800). Related Readings: