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ASKA Tripper V – Dimension and Weight

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ASKA Tripper V biggest target is Epson P-5000 potential buyer, so I did a comparison in size of weight of the two products.

The photo below shows the plan view of the two products based on their specifications dimensions:


In terms of weight (both with battery and HDD):

  • ASKA Tripper V = 370g (very accurate weight, I personally measured it with my digital weight meter)
  • Epson P-5000 = 430g

From the above, it can be clearly seen that ASKA tripper V is not only having the advantage in bigger screen while still capable of maintaining the similar size with Epson P-5000, but also manage to give less weight as compared to Epson P-5000.

ASKA Tripper V is made in Japan, while Epson P-5000 in made in China.

How is the built quality of ASKA Tripper V? Personally I would give Epson P-5000 a 9/10 while ASKA Tripper V a 8/10. The design of Tripper V is more like a rectangular box shape, while Epson P-5000 has some nice round or curvy corners.

Here’s a photo of Epson P-5000 and Tripper V (save your imagination and time to search the net):



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