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ASKA Tripper V – Design

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Part TWO from me.

Here’s some views from various angles of the ASKA Tripper V.


Made in Japan product. Input power is 5V, but the power adapter provided is 100-240V worldwide compatible, so no worry when traveling oversea and charge the Tripper V in country that uses 100V or 240V power voltage. Tripper V is said to have 70GB download capability from one full charge of battery.


ASKA Tripper V supports the popular CF and SD memory card. SDHC is supported as well, so no worry of high capacity or future compatibility. Some asked about memory stick, xD…etc., one can always get the 17-IN-1 CompactFlash Card Adapter to use on the Tripper V. This is actually a better solution as for example in CompactDrive PD70X, which support xD memory card but is now NOT compatible with the Type M xD memory card. Things get too complicated and tend to have compatibility issue in future if all format were to be supported now. So it is better to get an external card adapter to use on the standard CF slot.



On the right, there is only a ON / OFF / Lock switch. Slide down to OFF, UP to HOLD, and Middle to ON. Off is pretty fast and easy, slide down for 1 or 2 seconds and it will go OFF. This can be dangerous as well as one might accidentally slide it down. That’s why the HOLD button.

As in the photo, you can see a strap hole at the top as well.


Yes, it comes with a earphone, which you can use the Tripper V as a MP3 or movie player. That’s a wide screen cinema style of movie you can play there! 😀


Battery is easy to remove and replace. However, Tripper V uses ASKA own specific design battery, so you can’t buy the battery from outside easily. (Vosonic VP8390 uses Fujifilm NP100 standard battery, which can be obtained fairly easy)


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