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First Impression – ASKA Tripper V

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This should be the world’s FIRST ASKA Tripper V review in English. I couldn’t find much information about this product in the net…as I have posted in here. So I took the chance to order one unit for myself…as I plan to sell and offer this product to the world at ShaShinKi.com, so must try and test it out myself first.


I just received my ASKA Tripper V this morning! What a surprise! I thought it will never came…thought of dropping an email to the supplier already. 🙁 The ASKA Tripper V came in an envelope style of packaging. Knowing how Japanese handle their parcels with care, I have no worry. Pierce open the envelope and I saw a big white box inside. Yeah, no printing or marking at all, just plain white box.


Can’t wait to open up the box and find the Tripper V, hands shaking a little… 😀 Here’s what you will see after opening the box:


Here’s the full set of items and accessories in the package:


The first thing I checked with the Tripper V is the Language selection. Manual? Nah…I don’t read manual. If the device required a manual to operate, then it probably won’t worth buying at all. Slide to ON the Tripper V on the right side, it starts up in around 3~5 seconds. You can see a nice ASKA logo during start up. Screen is great (relief)!


Press the Nintendo button, with a little bit of Japanese understanding, I found the Setting menu immediately. Go to Language Selection (in Japanese), and VIOLA! There are Japanese and English available! What a relief!


Settled the Language problem, now the screen. Need to find some photos to test. Went to their default album, and yes, there are some sample photos inside. Checked checked checked, no flaw on the screen, stunning colours! Can’t detect DOT or PIXELS with naked eyes. Very fine resolutions and colours. Comparable to Epson P-5000 screen? YES, definitely! In order to appreciate the screen, one have to see how it glows in dark:


Now back to studying the menu or front page design. I find the buttons to be easy to understand and use. When a selection is available, there will be light next to the button. Take for example of the photo above, in browsing My Pictures, you can see button 1 (OK), 2(MENU), 3(CANCEL) and 5(HOME) are lighted up. This means button 4(COPY) is not available and if you pressed it, there will be nothing. One thing to note, the Nintendo button and the 1~5 buttons are not completely silent. When pressed, there is a click sound. Not soft keyboard type, which I think can be improved in future. There are 8 different menu on the front page with each shown as folder in the bottom. Press the Nintendo pad left and right will select the menu from: (From left to right)

Saved Data -> My Picture -> My Music -> My Movie ->

kkk_6768.JPG kkk_6769.JPG kkk_6770.JPG kkk_6772.JPG

Secret -> Memory Card -> History -> Setting

kkk_6773.JPG kkk_6774.JPG kkk_6775.JPG kkk_6776.JPG

I haven’t test the download speed yet, but connecting to the PC via USB port and copy some files to the Tripper V shows that a 6MB files takes around 5~7 seconds to copy from PC to Tripper V. I will report more details download speed later.

That’s all for now…more to come later. 🙂

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