24 September 2023


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Remote Flash CLS on Nikon D200 + SB-800

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Today I tried CLS (Creative Lighting System) on my D200 + SB-800. Got to learn on how to set the camera and flash into REMOTE mode.


Here’s the instruction that I thought of sharing and keeping reference for myself:

on D200

  • Menu
  • Pencil Menu
  • e Bracketing/Flash
  • e3Buil-in Flash
  • c Commander Mode

on SB-800

  • Press SEL button for 5 seconds
  • Flash menu
  • Press SEL button for 5 seonds

Some tips:

  • You must have your built in flash pop up, else it will not trigger the SB-800.
  • You can set to have the built in flash disabled, so all flash power will only be from the SB-800 and no light from built in flash.