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  1. Why are they being so secretive about the camera with the Canon and Nikon out and pushing the market? It makes me wonder if they’re trying to create some tension and desire to mask something. It’s all over message boards but no one knows what its image quality is. Will if follow the others into 14 bit processing?

  2. This doesn’t look remotely like a pro camera .
    Its got a pop up flash, who are they trying to kid.
    This barely qualifies as D40 competition, it is not a pro unit.
    I hope that this is a joke and this E3 is their mid spec camera.
    I am pleased with the E1 and the glass that came with it ,I think that happy E1 owners will be avoiding this one , it looks like the cheap Chinese built entry level models.
    The question that has to be asked – has Olympus abandoned the Pro market, because this is not EOS1D competition.
    This is two years too late.

  3. Gee, Paul,
    Many people have wait for this camera to come ( I being one of them ) If you think because it has a pop up flash it’s not a pro cam, I’ve had the e-1 from day 1 and love it… and at times i wished it had a pop up flash<
    You talk of a camera that can’t focus properly and must be sent back to the maker for hardware upgrades to fix the focus problems …….
    As for me I’ll take the E3 with a smile

  4. The reason that I am so hard on the pop up flash is that using even a short telephoto lens you usually get a shadow cast by the lens around the bottom of the photo.
    The flash sits too far back on the camera and is pretty much useless.
    I had an E300 on which the pop uo flash was damaged , the casing was very flimsy.
    I would rather have a robust camera and a separate flashgun ( my T20 ) than a cosmetic pop up that is practically useless.(GN13 – not setting the world on fire ,is it?)
    The more padding around the viewfinder, the better.
    I have absolutely no complaints about the E!, or any of the lenses that I use on my cameras.
    I am simply stating that the E3 falls far short of the criteria for a current flagship as stated on their website.
    It ‘s specifications would have been pro standard 2 years ago.
    It looks like a re bodied E510, which is also a 10Mp unit as is the E410 – they must have got a real good price on those.
    I am sure that it will preform its task quite well, but I do not think that it will stand out as a flagship , unless Olympus are withdrawing from the pro market and concentrating on the Eos40D market, which a 10Mp camera with a pop up flash of dubious value belongs.
    This is a dog eat dog business where there is a lack of excellent cameras.
    The choice of a modern system is governed by what flaws you are willing to live with, look at the Eos1Diii and it’s AF problems.
    Personally, I would love an 8Mp back for my OM1,2 and 3.
    Hopefully another 4/3rds manufacturer will take this a little more seriously and peoduce a robust camera that can travel without being easily damaged.
    One thing that I must also comment on is the fact that it uses the BLM1 battery , but the pro battery pack has been changed.
    The E1 battery pack sold for approx GBP 400, and they have now probably consigned it to the dustbin, with a similar cost for the new one.
    A bit harsh , maybee, but I call it as I see it .
    A lot of people rely on their equipment to make a living.
    They have spent a lot of money – a HELL of a lit of money on glass and now find that Olympus may just have let them down.

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