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Why Google Adsense is BETTER?!

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Google, being the biggest and most popular search engine in the market nowadays, is also the first company that introduce text ads to all online users to generate money on their sites.

Google Adsense, which can be seen EVERYWHERE, as everybody is joining the $$$ wagon trying to get money from the internet. Some can generate more than US$1k a month…or even US$10k a month!

Few years after Adsense introduction, many companies start offering similar type of ads to publishers and advertisers. However, the market is already dominated by Google Adsense…so it is hard for others to shaken the base. Internet nowadays is first come first won. If you got the new idea and is the first one to implement it…most likely you will be the KING or winner in the market. Youtube being a good example, though Google has its own Google Video, but still Youtube is more popular and Google has chosen to buy out Youtube at US$1.6 billions (Youtube was still less than 2 years old by then).

Now, back to Adsense. Why is Adsense better and still the preferred ads by most? Here’s my personal experience and opinion:

1. Google being a search engine knows more about your site than others. They send relevant ads to your site which are most appropriate and match the content of your site better.

2. Google doesn’t allow inappropriate ads to be shown. There is no gambling ads, no porn ads, no sexuality ads…etc. You can be sure that your ads and site are still being as healthy as before.

3. Speed. Adsense load up time is MUCH MUCH faster than some other small company ads that I have tried (bidvertisers and adbrite). There is almost no delay when I put Adsense on my site. All contents still loads up smoothly. However, when I activated bidvertisers or Adbrite ads, there is a significant few seconds delay to have the ads shown before other contents on the site are being load up. This has forced me to put Bidvertisers and Adbrite ads on the last content to be load up on my site, so that visitors and members will not felt that my site is slow. See: http://pentaxworld.com

4. Easy to use. Adsense is very easy to setup and use. I can get my ads running in less than a minute, though signing up a new account requires a day or two for approval process. Configuring the right ads for your site is also very very easy. You can customize the colours with just a click of a few buttons to match your site perfectly. The new Google Ads appearance is also attractive, adds quality to your sites. 🙂

5. Google Adsense now offer image ads. This is nice…adds colours to your site.

6. Biggest Ads company. Google Adsense being the biggest ads company guarantee that you will receive constants ads and advertisers on your site, and you will get pay by Google for sure.

7. One account, rule them all. You can use your existing Gmail account for Adsense, no need to sign up or remember password/email of another account. There are many other Google service as well, which you can use the same account and rule them all!

That’s all for the sharing from me for now…hope this article will be helpful/useful to you.

(DO NOT CLICK ON YOUR OWN ADS…don’t ever try or think about it!)