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Nikon D200 Noise Comparison

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This simple non-scientific test is just to give roughly an idea of how good or bad Nikon D200 is in NOISE CONTROL for different ISO shots. All shots are done handheld, hence focus might not be that accurate. No sharpening was applied, no correction in what so ever. All shots on Jpeg directly from D200, cropped to 100% to 700×700 pixels.


Lens used is Nikon Nikkor AIS 50mm F1.4.


Here’s the full view of the overall shot (ISO 100):

ISO 100


ISO 200








ISO HI 1.0




Noiseless or not detectable from ISO 100 to ISO 400.

Noise shows on ISO 800, still acceptable.

Lots of noise on ISO 1600. Can see quite a lot of artifacts.

Extremely noisy on ISO HI 1.0. Still can see the details but not sure if it will be useful in prints or not.