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Received my WISH!

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I have received my WISH yesterday…yeah…only till now I have time to blog about it. (Today is still Tuesday I assumed, thought more accurately I should say is Wednesday as already pass 12.25am midnight.)

The car came at around 3.30pm (Japan time) Monday (21st May 2007) at my place. Procedure is simple, signed the document and took the key. This is just the start…

My wife and I are very happy with the car. White colour, looks very new inside out! Outside is actually a bit dirty, due to the journey from Kyoto to Hiroshima I guess. It takes about 4~5 days to reach me, yeah…a bit long distance but I think because the transportation company needs to stop by every big city. Cost of transport is JPY 2,5000. Not really that expensive, or I should say cheap actually. There is another company quoting me JPY 70,000 for transportation when I ask about another car from their company in Tokyo!

Was very busy after receiving the car. Went to City Office trying to do the temporary permit to drive the car to Hiroshima city the next day to change the name of the car, only then found out that I need to buy the Insurance first (Compulsory). So, went to the insurance company and discuss about the insurance.

To cut the long story short…I bought and settled the insurances (5 days ~ temporary for driving the car to Hiroshima tomorrow (Wednesday); 25 months compulsory insurance for car). Paid JPY 5,100 and JPY 31,xxx. Yeah, the 5 days insurance is EXPENSIVE!!! Also got the temporary pass from City Office today, with two car plates (front and back). There is a diagonal red line on the plates, very eye catching, to tell everybody that the car is NOT YET registered.

Have set the location of Transportation office in Hiroshima city into my car’s navigation system. Need to go there early morning…open from 8.30am~11.45am; 1pm~3.45pm. Hopefully can reach the place safely and get everything done smoothly in the morning. Pray to God to be with my wife and I and my baby. 🙂

Good night for now… z…z…z…