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Decided…Toyota WISH!

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My wife and I have decided on the car to get – Toyota WISH!

We have found a car from a Kyoto shop. Quite far from Hiroshima and I do not plan to go there to check out the car. I have contacted the seller (shop), and the president of the shop has sent me some photos of the car. Here are the front and back view of the car:



The car is nearly 3 years old (June 2004 registration) and has around 20,000km driving mileage. No accident/repair history (but the president told me the rear bumper has been repaired, small accident I guess…which I do not understand fully), comes with TV/DVD/Navigator (not sure if it is original Toyota, if so it will cost JPY150,000 new! Yes, I asked before in a Toyota shop).

Though previously I thought of NOT getting WISH, but then I can’t find another car that I like…personally I do not like to get Oddysey anymore, as the new version is too expensive while the older version (design) is not to my liking.

I like WISH more and more after giving some thought about it.

1. 1800 cc engine means quite low fuel consumption and low roadtax.

2. 7 seaters car. When I need the spaces for passengers, it can sure accommodate them. My 2nd sister and her husband, and my elder sister might be coming to visit me in Japan end of this year or next year, together with my wife, my coming baby (June 2007) and myself, there are 6 person already. A normal sedan might be too tight and small for all. So this WISH is just nice!

3. I think the deal I found for the WISH above is quite good price. I have to pay JPY1,100,000 to the shop, and perhaps add another JPY10 for insurance, tax and registration. Total should be still less than JP1,300,000. I actually have found another grey colour WISH at a local shop at where I live, but the price is very high at JPY1,680,000 (including everything, on the road). Without Navigator or TV or DVD or Radio (empty), though only a year old car with 3000km mileage, but the price is too much of what I would like to pay. My wife do not like the price as well.

4. WISH selling price in Japan is JPY1,8xx,xxx. Meaning that when I brought it back to Malaysia next year, Malaysia tax will be based on that selling price. As compared to Oddysey which original selling price is over JPY2millions, I think I will not have to pay high tax for the WISH.

5. My father said WISH is too common in Malaysia, no point buying. However, I think common car is good, no so eye catching and will not be a target of thief or robber, though I still have to be careful when back to Malaysia as it is still consider a better than average (or luxury) car.

Today, I will go and pay the money to the shop for the WISH car. Still need to go and settle the car parking thing, as need to find and rent a car park before I can go register the WISH under myname. The shop will send the car to my place.

Hopefully by next week I will have a “brand new” car that I bought for my family! Thank God for providing me more than enough (overwhelming GRACE!).

Good night… 🙂