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Microsoft to buy Yahoo for US$50 Billions?

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I read an interesting news at lowyat.net:


Microsoft set into motion the next step of their plan in which they hope to eventually dominate the search and advertising by first making an offer to with Yahoo for a possible acquisition that could be worth $50 billion, according to a report from Forbes. This move is possibly a reaction to the increasing pressure Microsoft is facing to effectively compete in the online advertising space, even more so after the largely publicized bidding war recently between Microsoft and Google for DoubleClick, one of the internet advertising giants of today. Eventually, Google won and settled with DoubleClick for roughly $3.1 billion. What’s more, Yahoo had recently announced its acquisition of online advertising firm Right Media for $680 million.While US$680 Million is chump change compared to the US$3.1 Billion Google spent on DoubleClick, the move showed that Yahoo was willing to invest in becoming, and in fact already is a significant presence in online advertising. Of course, there’s also the issue of the market in the search industry. With Microsoft currently sitting in third place behind Yahoo and Google, the successful acquisition of Yahoo by Microsoft would give Google the first really significant threat in a long time.

Personal Comments:

As an internet user, I use Google on my daily search nowadays. I use Gmail as my main email. I use Analytics for my website statistics. I use Products (previously Froogle) for my online store. I use Sitemap for google to take a more details look of my sites. I use Google Earth for searching of maps and location of a place.

I was an Adsense user, until they banned me… :'(

Google has dominated my internet life. Microsoft and Yahoo are both facing the pressure, they are loosing out market share daily…and Google stock has gone higher and higher.

Is Yahoo worth US$50 billions? Hmm…initially I thought that would be a bit cheap, as Yahoo is a company as of similar status as Google. The potential is huge.

However, on a second thought…do you need US$50 billions to setup another Google? If you have the idea, or use the US$50 billions investment, you might be able to create another Google…or you might not. I don’t think I am smart enough for that… 😛