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PentaxWorld First Advertiser!

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After 4 months 10 days since its birth, PentaxWorld has gotten its first advertiser!


The advertiser is an author of the Pentax K10D book, with link as stated above. I spent some time to make a banner for the advertiser, as I find the original banner that he sent me is a bit plain.

Here’s the banner that I designed:


So, how much made? Not much actually, US$50 per month and the advertiser subscribed for one month period (6th May 2007 ~ 7th June 2007). I do hope that he will continue subscribing in the coming months.

Getting an advertiser means PentaxWorld is now being recognized by others. This is a big encouragement as I have put in a lot of effort in designing and making PentaxWorld better and better each day.

I have also noticed that these few days PentaxWorld has many visitors and new signed up members. Google still don’t index much of PentaxWorld forum’s threads or posts, so promoting PentaxWorld still requires a lot of members’ link and word of mouth. I think at the moment dpreview.com is still the biggest referral site to PentaxWorld. Though PentaxWorld.com has been banned at dpreview (dpreview doesn’t allow other forums to be at their sites), but members still can post PentaxWorld without the .com at the back and it will not be filtered. So, from time to time some members at dpreview do still post reference and links to PentaxWorld.

I have also registered and created a sister’s domain: PentaxWorld.net that will link to PentaxWorld.com.

Goodnight for now… 🙂