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Earth Quake

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Earth quake today at the place where I stay, Higashi-Hiroshima. I live at 9th floor, a 10th floor building, so I can feel the earth quake quite clearly. My wife felt it a few seconds before me, and the shaking last for around 10 seconds (I think). After checking Yahoo weather, my place is experiencing 3rd degree of earth quake. Not as strong as I felt before, as last time there were things falling in my kitchen.

Sunsquare building

Below is some summary from Yahoo, where you can get full report at:


情? ?発表時刻 ? ? ? 2007年4月26日 9時10分
発生時刻 ? ? ? 2007年4月26日 9時3分ごろ
震源地 ? ? ? 愛媛県東予
緯度 ? ? ? 北緯33.9度
経度 ? ? ? 東経133.6度
深さ ? ? ? 40km
規模 ? ? ? マグニチュード 5.4