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DELL Re-offer Windows XP!

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Due to the popular demand worldwide, Dell has announced the re-introduction of Windows XP in their computer system. Effective immediately, customers can now order new Dell computer from Dell website with the option of choosing Windows XP as the operating system. According to Dell, customers can choose to have either Window XP Home or Windows XP Pro pre-installed on four Inspiron notebook systems (the 1405, 1501, 1505, and 1705 models) and Dell’s Dimension E520 and E521 desktop computers.

This might be due to the recently lots of compatibility issue of Windows Vista with some hardwares and softwares. However, Dell will not offer Windows XP forever, as Microsoft has announced at their website the end of life date of Windows XP as of 31st January 2008.


Support for Windows XP will be available till 31st January 2009, a year after Windows XP stop selling from retails.