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Toyota WISH today…

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Went to a Toyota used car shop today. Saw two WISH there, one is year 2006 model and the other is year 2003 model. The year 2006 model is going for 1.595 millions yens, while the 2003 model is around 1.45 millions yens. The 2006 model seems like a better option…but after adding in everything, the total amount for owning that car in Japan will be upto 1.785 millions yens, which is very much out of my initial budget of Â¥1 mil.

The year 2006 model is quite nice, only 3000km mileage, and internal is pretty clean and new as well. Car is silver in colour and interior is black. However, there is no CD or Music player inside the car. According to the salesman, the original owner removed the navigator system (which is TV, Navi, CD, MD…etc. all in one player) while selling the car. A brand new Toyota navi system will cost Â¥150,000 (yes we asked the salesman on the price).

A brand new Toyota WISH is less than Â¥2mil, and this USED car doesn’t really seems like a good deal to me.

My wife isn’t very happy with the price as well, and we also found the car to be actually QUITE SMALL interior, especially for the back seaters. I think we are changing our mind and target back to Honda Oddysey now, if I were to budget Â¥1.7mil, maybe I can get the later model of Oddysey.

By the way…did I mention that my father actually has the latest Oddysey at home? 🙂