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No more Froogle…

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Just received an email from google a few minutes ago that there will be no more Froogle but now replaced with:


(froo.gle (fru’gal) n. Smart shopping through Google.)


Google Product Search

If you visited the Froogle link, it will now redirect you to Google product directly instead.

http://www.froogle.com -> http://www.google.com/products

Below is the email I quoted from Google team:

Dear Froogle Merchant,

We’d like you to know that, as part of our ongoing efforts to
improve the user search experience, we’ve updated the Froogle
interface and moved it to http://www.google.com/products

These changes provide a more intuitive product search experience
by better matching our other search offerings. For instance,
you’ll notice an updated page layout that is more consistent with
Google.com search results, and your items are referred to as
Google Product Search results, rather than as Froogle results.
These updates follow similar changes to other Google search
offerings, like Google Book Search, Google Image Search, and
Google Patent Search.

The new interface allows users to find relevant products more
easily — which in turn benefits you, as it’s still your products
and content that users find in Google Product Search. We look
forward to bringing you continued innovation in product search so
we can provide our users an outstanding search experience and
help you sell more through Google.

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ:

If you have further questions, please reply to this email.


The Google Product Search Team

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043