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Hakuba Ultra Strong Anti-Fungus Packs for Camera Lens KMC-04

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Somebody emailed me and asked about the Hakuba KMC-04, so I thought I would share my opinion here as well as reference for others.

Hakuba Ultra Strong Anti-Fungus Packs for Camera Lens

The Hakuba KMC-04 is a moisture absorber, keeping the moisture in your camera bag low, hence preventing or reducing the risk of fungus growing in your camera bag.

However, do note that it is NOT advisable to keep your camera and lenses in your camera bag while not using them for an extended period. Reason is because most camera bags are made from fabric and sponge, which are a moisture absorber in nature and keep the bag damp and wet most of the time. Although the Hakuba can reduce the humidity inside the camera bag, but it is not a 100% fool proof product to prevent fungus, as it still mainly depends on the environment of where you store your bag.

I would still recommend you getting a drybox to store your D70s and lenses at home:


The Hakuba is good and useful when you are traveling with your camera bag.

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