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Cold? Flu?

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Not feeling very well today…started yesterday night actually. Having very bad flu. I guess due to the tired body and sudden temperature change recently (thought spring has come, but suddenly get very cold again). Caught some rain too…

Having running nose, hope can get better soon.

My lovely wife is very caring. Cook good delicious meals for me and washed all the dishes. She is pregnant for 7 months now…thank you my dear!

Tomorrow we are going to strawberry farm, hope my body is getting well by tomorrow so that we all can enjoy a good trip!

By the way, I notice sakura trees have already have leafs coming out…need to go snap snap more photos before the flowers are all gone. Rained yesterday and the day before, most trees already have full blossom, better act soon. My wife and I plan to visit Kagamiyama Koen (Mountain Mirror Garden) today, hope my body is not too tired.

God bless!