Rubby breaks the jail!

13 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

To prevent Rubby our rabbit from coming into our house, my wife fence the door grill with strings. However, this naughty Rubby is trying to break the jail to come into the house, and yes, she did it! […]

Sunday Ride, Indoor 55 minutes, 20km

13 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

Sunday morning ride at home. Sunday is a school day in Johor. After sending my girl to school, reached home at 7am. Got plenty of time to ride, no excuses. Using Zwift + CycleOps, did a 55 minutes […]

Home Grown Passion Fruits

5 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

Our home grown passion fruits have finally ripe! We have planted this tree many years ago, but the location is sheltered by a two tall trees, it always not getting enough sunshine. After cutting off the tall trees […]

ShaShinKi New Year Dinner 2019

4 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

Just have an annual dinner or new year dinner, our ShaShinKi Family gathering! We went for buffet dinner at Seoul Garden, Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru. Ms Ho is generous enough to prepare some gifts for all! Everybody receives […]

My birthday of 2019

3 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

A lovely birthday evening with my loves. I thank God for His blessings upon my family. May we continue to walk on His path and may my kids grow up to be fearful of God in everything they […]

Visiting Sultan Garden, Johor Bahru

2 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

Lived in Johor for years but have never been to this place. After we took the Christmas dinner and went back home, we decided to go out again to the Sultan garden (not sure what is the real […]

My Toyota WISH, 2019

2 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

My Toyota WISH. My first own bought car, brought back from Japan. Produced in Year 2003, I bought it in Year 2005. Brought back to Malaysia in Year 2008. Used for a few years, then gave to my […]

Good morning 2019

1 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

Good morning 2019! Woke up at 5.35am, sent my girl to school. Want to start my year with some exercises. Contemplating between cycling or jogging. Finally decided to jog for a short distance with the limited hour time […]

Last ride of 2018, UTM

30 December 2018 Dr Koh 0

It is a beautiful Sunday morning, went riding with a group of friends. Nice to sweat a little and push the legs into work again. Went uphill to Balai Cerapan UTM. Always a challenging climb uphill, but the […]

Emmanuel 7 Years Old Birthday, 2018

25 December 2018 Dr Koh 0

Emmanuel’s birthday is around the corner. We thank God for him. Not sure what birthday gift to buy for him, as he has many toys already that only played for a while. Few days ago, Megumi mentioned that […]

Dinner at UFB Sutera

21 December 2018 Dr Koh 0

My dinner last night. Huge pork…is soft and tender, juicy, but meat is dull. The sauce is OK. I ordered spicy, but I think my wife’s original taste better. My rating: 7/10

Megumi in 4A Class 2017

19 November 2018 Dr Koh 0

4B 第一名 叶瞳 4B 第二名 郭家诺 4B 第三名 庄雯铄 4C 第一名 叶彦岑 4C 第二名 刘韵惠 4C 第三名 施晓蔚 4D 第一名 陆文轩 4D 第二名 李芷卉 4D 第三名 许庚祺 4E 第一名 黄业铄 4E 第二名 张加扬 4E 第三名 郭心瑜 4F 第一名 […]