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Home » Cameras » Digital Point & Shoot » Ricoh PX Digital Camera (Green) (16 MP, 5X Wide Optical Zoom(28-140mm), 2.7" LCD Screen, Water Proof & Dust Proof)

Ricoh PX Digital Camera (Green) (16 MP, 5X Wide Optical Zoom(28-140mm), 2.7" LCD Screen, Water Proof & Dust Proof)

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Brand Ricoh
Category Digital Point & Shoot
Model # RCH-PX-GRN
Condition Brand New
Warranty 1 Year Futuromic Warranty *
Stock Status Ships within 3-14 Days (depending on supplier's stock)
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The Ricoh PX Digital Camera (Green) is a solid point-and-shoot with a high 16Mp resolution and numerous features and functions. Compact and easy to carry around, the PX captures detailed, high-quality images with help from its 1/2.3" CCD sensor. A 2.7" LCD provides a both a composition and review platform, while the built-in 5-25mm lens with 5x optical zoom helps you get up close to your subjects.

In addition to capturing still images, the PX also captures 1280 x 720 HD video. But no matter which format you choose to shoot in, you can store your files to SD/SDHC memory cards, including Eye-fi media. Another highlight of the PX is its dirt-proof and water-proof design. The camera has a class 8 JIS/IEC water resistance rating, that allows for use underwater at a depth of 9.8' for up to 60 minutes. The PX also boasts a class 6 JIS/IEC dust resistance rating, which means even at the beach you don't have to be afraid to shoot.

Among the numerous user-friendly features the PX boasts what Ricoh calls their premium shot mode. By selecting one out of the several of options, you can relax and enjoy the moment while the camera does all the work. Examples of the various modes include the cooking mode, which adjusts for brightness and hue, the auction mode, which allows you to collage multiple photos in one image for online auction sites, and the sports mode for capturing photos of moving subjects. Additional features include subject-tracking AF, face-priority, and a calendar playback option.

High Quality, All the Time
  • A high-resolution 16Mp CCD image sensor beautifully renders any subject
    With its 16Mp CCD sensor and Smooth imaging IV image processing engine, the Ricoh PX can reproduce any scene in high resolution. Noise reduction lessens visual noise for clear results even in night shots
  • Image-sensor-shift image stabilization reduces blur
    Image-sensor-shift image stabilization reduces blur for crisp, clear photos at high zoom ratios when lighting is poor
  • 5x optical zoom makes great results easy at wide angles and in telephoto shots. Use super resolution (SR) zoom for an effect equivalent to 10x optical zoom
    5x (28-140mm) optical zoom can capture objects close up, at long range, or anywhere in between. Add to this SR digital zoom based on super resolution technology that can achieve results equivalent to 10x optical zoom or a lens with a focal length of 280mm with almost no drop in image quality. Telephoto photography at zom ratios equivalent up to 1,344mm are available in digital zoom, allowing you to photograph worlds invisible to the naked eye
  • Automatically crop and resize images with auto resize zoom
    Auto resize zoom shows its strength in telephoto shots of distant subjects. Zoom in up to 36x (equivalent to a focal length of 1,000mm). Image quality is assured by recording only the portion of the image that contains your subject. Auto resize zoom is made even more effective by the high-resolution, 16-million-pixel image sensor
  • Four-pixel interpolation captures night scenes in beautiful detail
    Four-pixel interpolation raises sensitivity while reducing noise, keeping blur to a minimum for beautiful shots of night scenery
    Neighboring pixels are interpolated to increase sensitivity by four times for higher resolution and reduced noise even at high sensitivities
  • High performance in the Ricoh tradition of 'pure' image quality made available to all, hassle-free
    The dedication to image quality behind all Ricoh digital cameras is more than just a commitment to 'pure' image quality faithful to what the eye sees. The Ricoh PX, while true to this tradition, makes it even easier to enjoy the possibilities 'pure' image quality has to offer
Toughness You Can Take with You Anywhere
  • A water and dust-proof design lets you focus on photography without worrying about water or dirt
    Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a washable camera. The Ricoh PX is waterproof to a depth of 9.8'/ 3m for 60 minutes. Safely take pictures anywhere indoors or out, on a boat in a river or by the sea, without worrying about rain, splashes from the sink, or soil from the garden. Take your camera anywhere, anytime, and expand your photographic horizons
  • Impact-resistant design protects the camera from shocks
    With an impact-resistant design that has withstood drop tests from heights of 4.9' / 1.5m, the Ricoh PX can withstand falls, bumps, and the hands of curious children without your heart skipping so much as a beat. Take the camera with you anytime, anywhere
  • View pictures on a scratch-resistant, high-resolution, 2.7", 230k dot QVGA LCD monitor
    The camera is equipped with a high-contrast, high-resolution, 2.7", 230k-dot QVGA LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle and a hard coating that resists scratches, giving you the peace of mind you need to use the camera in all sorts of everyday settings
Enjoy Peace of Mind
  • Just frame a shot and leave the settings up to the camera
    Just aim the camera at your subject and leave the camera in charge of settings for ultra-simple point-and-shoot photography. Whether you're a hardened pro or a camera greenhorn, you can readily shoot portraits, sports, night scenery, close-ups, and other scenes while letting the camera choose the setting
  • Fast startup ensures you'll never miss a shot
    The Ricoh PX turns on in just 1.4 seconds. Just pull out the camera and you're instantly ready for those unanticipated photographic opportunities that life an unexpectedly bring, wherever you may be
  • A simple, flat design guarantees you can instantly access the camera when it's needed
    The simple, flat design does away with projecting parts for a camera that slips easily into your pocket, to be pulled out instantly for a quick snapshot whenever you see something that cries out to be photographed
  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand controls allow even beginners to use the camera with confidence
    The camera features intuitive, easy-to-use controls, such as a lever-style flash dial that lest you see at a glance whether the flash is on or off, a direct movie button, and a quick display option for frequently used settings
Give Beautiful Expression to Your Artistic Vision
Premium shot mode lets you enjoy photographing even notoriously difficult subjects
In premium shot mode, camera settings can be optimized simply by using the direct button to select the desired scene. Premium shot modes are available for up to 28 scenes, including a hand-held night scene mode that uses four-pixel interpolation for beautiful shots of night scenery, modes for cooking, sweets, sports, items being sold at auction, parties, and pets, and modes for storing custom premium shot modes. Even subjects that ordinarily would require special techniques can be beautifully photographed with "point-and-shoot"
  • Cooking: Fine-tune brightness and hue for delicious-looking shots of food
  • Sweets: White out the edges of photos to take pictures in a round or square frame
  • Auction: Create a single still image that combines multiple photos in a selected layout
  • Hand-held night scene: Take beautiful hand-held shots of night scenery
  • Loupe: Zoom is optimized for tighter close-ups that can otherwise be achieved in macro mode
  • Party: Photograph indoor scenes. The camera captures both the main subject and background lighting even if the flash is used
  • Portrait: The camera automatically detects the faces of portrait subjects and adjusts focus, brightness, and color
  • Sports: Takes pictures of active subjects
  • Landscape: Photograph scenes full of greenery or blue skies
  • Pets: The flash, AF-assist lamp, and beep speaker turn off to avoid alarming cats, dogs, and other pets
  • Miniaturize: Use to create pictures that appear to be photos of dioramas
  • Toy camera: Take pictures that imitate the sharp contrast and saturated colors produced by toy cameras
  • High contrast B/W: Use for grainy, high-contrast black-and-white shots
  • Cross Process: Take photographs with colors that differ markedly from those of the actual subject. The colors can be selected using the Hue option in the shooting menu
  • Sepia: Gives photos a 19th century yellowed tone
  • Night portrait: Photograph portrait subjects against a backdrop of night scenery
  • Snow: Take bright portraits against a snowy backdrop
  • Fireworks: Long exposure times are useful for beautiful shots of even the hardest to photograph fireworks
  • Beach: Take bright portraits on sunlit beaches and other brightly lit expanses of sun
  • Skew correction: Reduce the effects of perspective in photos of business cards and other rectangular objects
  • Soft focus: Choose for soft focus effects similar to those created by soft focus lenses
  • P Mode: Provides access to nearly all the options in the shooting menu when you want to adjust settings manually
  • Black & White: Take photos in black and white
Additional Shooting Modes
  • Subtract-tracking AF lets you photograph subjects that won't stay still
    The camera tracks and continuously adjusts focus for moving objects, allowing you to take clear, in-focus photographs just by pressing the shutter-release button. Subject-tracking AF demonstrates its value in dynamic shots of lively children and pets
  • Detect and focus on faces with face-priority AF
    Focus priority is given to faces detected during shooting, ensuring that you never miss expressions overflowing with charm
  • Multi-pattern auto white balance guarantees natural colors
    It can be difficult to get the colors you want with scenes that mix sunlight and shade or under other types of mixed lighting. Multi-pattern auto white balance optimizes white balance separately for each area of the frame for colors that, when compared to those produced by existing white balance algorithms that average the results for the entire frame, are closer to what is seen by the naked eye
  • Multiple aspect ratios lend variety to your photos
    Choose an aspect ratio suited to the task at hand, be it display on a computer, viewing on a wide-screen TV, or posting to a blog. Just changing the aspect ratio can give you a whole new perspective on an old photo
Imprint Your Personality on the Camera
  • Personalize the camera with custom premium modes
    The camera can store up to five custom premium modes based on adjustments you made when taking photographs in other premium modes. Adding premium shot modes of your very own gradually teaches the camera how you like to take photos
  • Rate your favorite photos
    Pictures can be assigned to any of three ratings. Pictures can be viewed in order by rating for simple presentations. Enjoy your photos to others with ease
  • Calendar playback makes it instantly clear when photos were taken
    The calendar playback display shows you the dates on which photos were taken and displays the first photo for each date. This new feature can be used as a photo diary to enhance the enjoyment of taking pictures every day
  • Express yourself with replaceable, shock-absorbing protective jackets
    Express your individuality with replaceable, color coordinated optional protective jackets. In addition to protecting the camera from bumps and scratches, the jackets are made with a non-slip material for a secure grip
  • Hide pictures you'd rather not share
    Privacy settings let you hide selected pictures during playback, increasing the camera's potential as your own personal communications tool
Useful Tools
  • Bring commonplace joys to life with high-definition movies
    The RICOH PX makes movies a snap. Shoot high-definition movies with a frame size of 1280 × 720 pixels at a rate of 30 frames per second, then use an optional HDMI cable* to connect the camera to an HDTV and enjoy the results in high definition on a big screen
  • Eye-Fi support lets you upload photos wirelessly
    Eye-Fi SD memory cards incorporate a transmitter that makes it easy to automatically upload photos to a computer or online photo service using a wireless network. Upload status is shown by an icon in the camera display
  • Burst shooting captures the moment
    Continuous mode is ideal for those occasions when you want to check your golf swing or tennis stroke. Movements that cannot be captured by the naked eye are photographed in a series of still images. Continuous mode can be used not only for sports but also for a new view of everyday events that may well produce some startling discoveries
  • The convenience of charging your camera from your computer
    The battery can be charged not only by using the supplied USB power adapter to draw power a household outlet, but also by connecting the camera to a computer via USB. Charge the battery while surfing the web or updating your blog
Focus Modes
The following focus modes add to the PX camera's versatility and your creative options: Multi AF, spot AF, face-priority multi AF, subject tracking AF (contrast-detect AF / with AF auxiliary light
Continuous Mode
Use the continuous mode at a frame rate of 1 fps for successive photos without missing a beat
Other Notable Shooting Options
These additional shooting options provide even more tools for the photographer to capture unique and long-lasting memories: Self-timer with shutter release delay of approximately 10 or 2 seconds and group portrait auto release, and framing grid
Battery Life
Approximately 300 shots with the DB-100


  • 16Mp 1/2.3" CCD Image Sensor
  • 2.7" LCD Display
  • 5x Optical Zoom Lens
  • SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot
  • 1280 x 720 HD Video Recording
  • Multi/Center/Spot Metering
  • Built-In Flash
  • Water-Proof & Dust-Proof
  • Premium Shot Mode
  • Auto Scene Modes
Image Sensor1/2.3" CCD (approx. 16.40 total million pixels)
No. of effective pixelsApprox. 16.00 million
Focal length5-25 mm (35 mm format equivalent: 28-140 mm)
F-apertureF3.9 (wide-angle) to F5.4 (telephoto)
Shooting DistanceApprox. 3 cm - (wide-angle), 50 cm - (telephoto) or 3 cm - ("Loupe") (from the front of the lens)
Lens Construction13 elements in 10 groups
Focus ModesMulti AF, spot AF, face-priority multi AF, subject tracking AF (contrast-detect AF / with AF auxiliary light)
Optical Zoom5x (35 mm format equivalent: 28-140 mm)
Super resolution (SR)2x, for a combined zoom of 10x (35 mm format equivalent: 280 mm)
Digital Zoom4.8x, for a combined zoom of 48x (35 mm format equivalent: 1344 mm)
Auto Resize7.2x, for a combined zoom of 36x (35 mm format equivalent: 1000 mm)
Blur ReductionImage sensor shift image stabilization
Shutter SpeedPhotographs: 8, 4, 2 and 1-1/2000 s
Movies: 1/30-1/2000 s
Continuous modeFrame rate: Approximately 1 fps
Exposure Control MeteringMulti (256 segments)/center-weighted/spot
Exposure Control ModeProgram AE
Exposure CompensationManual exposure compensation (-2.0 to +2.0 EV in increments of 1/3 EV)
Exposure Range3.2-17.7EV(wide angle), 4.1-19.4EV(telephoto), (Exposure range for auto ISO calculated using values for ISO 100.)
ISO sensitivityAuto, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO 1600, ISO 3200
Noise reductionAuto
White BalanceAuto, multi-pattern auto, outdoors, cloudy, incandescent 1, incandescent 2, fluorescent, manual
Flash ModeAuto, on, off (red-eye reduction option available in camera menus)
Flash RangeApprox. 20 cm - 3.5 m (wide-angle) or 50 cm - 3.0 m (telephoto), measured using auto ISO with a maximum of ISO 1600, measured from the front of the lens)
Picture display2.7" transmissive LCD monitor with approx. 230,000 dots
Shooting ModeNormal, movie, premium shot (P, portrait, night portrait, hand-held night scene, party, cooking, sweets, loupe, landscape, beach, snow, sports, fireworks, auction, skew correction, pets, miniaturize, toy camera, high contrast B&W, soft focus, cross processing, black & white, sepia)
Image size Photographs (pixels)4608 x 3456, 4608 x 3072, 3456 x 3456, 4608 x 2592, 3648 x 2736, 2592 x 1944, 2304 x 1728, 1280 x 960, 640 x 480
Image size Movies (pixels)1280 x 720, 640 x 480
File FormatPhotographs: JPEG (Exif version 2.3)
Movies: AVI (Open DML Motion JPEG compliant)
Compression: JPEG baseline compliant
InterfaceUSB 2.0 (High-Speed) mini-B connector, Mass Storage compatible 7, AV output 1.0 Vp-p (75Ohms), HDMI micro output terminal (type D)
Video Signal FormatNTSC, PAL
Power sourceOne DB-100 rechargeable battery; AC-U1 USB power adapter
Battery lifeApproximately 300 shots with DB-100 (Off selected for Sleep Mode)
Operating temperature0 deg.C to 40 deg.C
Operating system RequirementWindows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 / Professional Service Pack 3
Windows Vista Service Pack 2
Windows 7 32bit / 64bit
CPU RequirementPentium IV: 1.6GHz or more
Pentium M: 1.4GHz or more
Core 2Duo: 1.5GHz or faster
Memory RequirementWindows XP: 512MB or more
Windows Vista / Windows 7: 1GB or more
Disk space on hard drive Requirement300MB or more
Display Resolution Required1024 x 768 dots or greater
Display Colors Required65000 colors or greater
USB PortA USB port compatible with the above-mentioned computer
Water and dust resistanceClass 8 JIS/IEC water resistance, class 6 JIS/IEC dust resistance (IP68); can be used underwater to a depth of 3 m for up to 60 minutes at a time
Storage mediaSD and SDHC memory cards (up to 32 GB), internal memory (approx. 40 MB); Eye-Fi cards (X2 series) supported
Dimensions (W x H x D)100 x 55 x 21.3 mm ( 4 x 2.16 x 0.83 inches)
Weight156 g (5.5 oz) (with card and supplied battery)
136 g (5 oz) (camera only)
  • Ricoh PX Digital Camera (Green)
  • USB Cable
  • A/V Cable
  • Hand Strap
  • DB-100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Instruction Manual
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