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My private chair…

Brought back from Japan, feeding chair, used by Megumi, now Emmanuel’s turn. Very soon can’t leave Emmanuel alone on the chair anymore, as he got impatient and tried to climb OUT from… Read Article →

Home Garden

Went to a nursery yesterday and bought some flowers to plant at our garden. My wife and Megumi wake up earlier today to do the gardening. This is Megumi’s garden. Yes, the… Read Article →

Family shots

Just sharing some of my family shots today… Emmanuel is excited seeing the camera. Rushing towards me! Megumi with her favorite baby kangaroo (+ two sticker gifts from her mother today). Lydia… Read Article →

New Haircut

Not me, but Megumi. A week ago, only now I have time to upload the photos. She is happy and proud! Of course, with praises from me the moment she walked into… Read Article →

Megumi…thank God!

Megumi was accidentally caught by the power gate today. We thank God that she is fine, unharmed. Thank you Lord for protecting her. Megumi was so scared, and we thank God that… Read Article →

Peek A Poo…

I like how the pillars framing the shot, while the light from the window still able to light up Megumi’s face perfectly. I like the expression as well. Using Nikon D3s, the… Read Article →

Family in the Garden

Megumi’s mum just bought a bright red umbrella, so I asked Megumi for some photo session…and of course getting some fresh air in the garden instead of watch TV all day long…… Read Article →

Emmanuel at bath

Emmanuel at bath…very identical to Megumi at bath years ago! This is Emmanuel This is Megumi        

Homework Time…

Megumi is now in Kindergarten 1, so everyday will have some homework to be finished. Of course, Lydia is the guardian for Megumi homeworking…since she is smarter than I (I am sure… Read Article →

Megumi @ Home

With my new toy…I got excited and mood to shoot again… The shot was taken on a D3s + Nikkor AF 24mm F/2.8D lens. 1/30s, f/2.8, ISO 1250 A full frame view… Read Article →

Birthday, 3rd Jan 2012

Who’s birthday? Me! Megumi is seeking for permission from mother to blow the candle. Lydia:”There you blow!” Happy blowing! Smoky! Time to cut the cake… Lydia:”Let me try…” “Yummy!”…is Secret Recipe Black… Read Article →


Just sharing… The picture on the left was drawn by my wife, while the love shape people were drawn by Megumi.

the Piano…

I can’t play…but I am so proud to see Megumi learning and able to play and improve day by day… There is no short-cut, and thanks to my wife who spend time… Read Article →

Megumi & the Piano…

Megumi practicing in the morning… Hmm…something wrong with the key? Let me mark it down… Let’s try again… Good… (Megumi actually tried to copy her mother to write something on the song… Read Article →

Bought a Piano

Bought a Piano on Sunday, today they took the delivery to our home… It is a Yamaha. I kinda like and trust Yamaha…though I can’t play piano…but I like to have one… Read Article →

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