Home Garden

Posted by Dr Koh on Sunday Aug 5, 2012 Under Family

Went to a nursery yesterday and bought some flowers to plant at our garden.

My wife and Megumi wake up earlier today to do the gardening. This is Megumi’s garden. Yes, the area is specially made for her.

Some flowers were picked by Lydia, some by Megumi.

Let’s hope the flowers can continue to BLOSSOM! :)

Matthew 6:29

King James Version (KJV)

29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

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Family shots

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Jul 7, 2012 Under Family

Just sharing some of my family shots today…

Emmanuel is excited seeing the camera. Rushing towards me!

Megumi with her favorite baby kangaroo (+ two sticker gifts from her mother today).

Lydia and Emmanuel.

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Happy Father’s Day, from Megumi

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Jun 25, 2012 Under Family

A bookmark she made at school.

The stickers are actually her add-on after reaching home.

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New Haircut

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Jun 25, 2012 Under Family

Not me, but Megumi. A week ago, only now I have time to upload the photos. :P

She is happy and proud! Of course, with praises from me the moment she walked into the door (her mum took her to the hair barber).

Another angle…


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Megumi’s Birthday 14th June 2012

Posted by Dr Koh on Thursday Jun 21, 2012 Under Family

Was her BIG DAY! She has been waiting for it for long…counting since May…

I told her she can wear this white dress on her birthday to school. Yeah, she is excited about it! :D

We got a special Princess Barbie cake for her. Around RM250, we didn’t get one last year, so we want to get it this time. She is excited about it too! Her mum brought her to Secret Recipe to choose the cake herself. You have to book a week in advance in you want the cake. 5kg!

Not many have seen such a cake…and you can see all children are curious and excited about the cake!

The cake is quite huge. I think is exactly barbie doll size.

Make a wish? Hahaa…she is not sure what is that…

See the present?! Is from Mama and Papa…

Candle lighting…1, 2, 3, 4, 5 candles!

Cake cutting!

Proudly showing off her crown! Beautiful crown I must say. Megumi’s head is quite big, so normal kid’s crown is too tight for her. This is actually for adults, but fit perfectly! Albeit a bit heavy as is metal type.

Now the RM250 question…how is the taste of the cake? See Megumi’s expression below…

Inside is chocolate cake, so is still OK. Outside is actually hard sugar coat, not very tasty…(I being moderate here…)

Megumi delivering the cakes to her classmates.

Everybody happily enjoying the cakes.

Still have plenty left. We didn’t take any home. Told the teachers to share with other children later.

We went for dinner at the evening, and surprisingly Megumi bumped into her friends at the restaurant. The tie belongs to the little boy.




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My New Favorite Ice-Cream! Haagen Dazs

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Jun 18, 2012 Under Family

Jusco / Aeon was having promotion for the Haagen Dazs ice-cream now. Two for RM55. Bought one Strawberries flavor, one Green Tea flavor. Strawberries is Megumi’s favorite, while Green Tea is Lydia’s favorite. Me? Both are fine. :)

It is delicious if you haven’t tried one. You will not want any other ice-cream again after this…

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Home made hair clip!

Posted by Dr Koh on Wednesday Jun 13, 2012 Under Family

I think is prettier than those sold outside.

Made by my wife and Megumi.

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Celebrating Lydia’s Birthday 2012

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday May 12, 2012 Under Family

Celebrating my beloved wife, Lydia’s birthday…

First, I created a banner for her, posted up at ShaShinKi on the 11th May 2012.



Second, I bought a birthday cake. Secret Recipe Chocolate and Strawberry cake. Megumi’s favorite. :)

Megumi’s loves strawberry, and later only she realized that the cake she chose does not have strawberry on top. Too late to change, so I told her we will go get a pack of fresh strawberries, better than those sugar coated smallberries on cake.

See Lydia putting the BIG Strawberries on the cake.

Third, I bought a small present for her. A wrist bracelet.

Fourth, we celebrate together and enjoy the cakes. :)

The excited Megumi!

Lighting up the candles…(hey…don’t count!)

Family photo

Happy Birthday, my dearest!


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My Mum and Emmanuel and Megumi

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday May 5, 2012 Under Family

A family shot. :)

First shot, Emmanuel smiling…

Another shot…Megumi smiling…

Took over 30 shots, burst using my D3s. :D

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Megumi…thank God!

Posted by Dr Koh on Friday Mar 23, 2012 Under Family

Megumi was accidentally caught by the power gate today.

We thank God that she is fine, unharmed. Thank you Lord for protecting her.

Megumi was so scared, and we thank God that she has faith in God, and she prayed to God to save her. Her faith is even bigger than ours. Pure, sincere faith. Just like what Jesus said in the Bible, we (adults) should have the faith like a child in order to enter heaven. Megumi’s believe is from the bottom of her heart, and she really believes it!

Thank you Lord.

(Megumi is a Japanese word, which means Grace, the gift from God.)

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Megumi has a haircut

Posted by Dr Koh on Sunday Mar 11, 2012 Under Family

My little princess. Cute hair style. :)

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Peek A Poo…

Posted by Dr Koh on Sunday Feb 12, 2012 Under Family

I like how the pillars framing the shot, while the light from the window still able to light up Megumi’s face perfectly.

I like the expression as well. :)

Using Nikon D3s, the camera is able to focus at no time and capture the moment.


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Family in the Garden

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Feb 11, 2012 Under Family

Megumi’s mum just bought a bright red umbrella, so I asked Megumi for some photo session…and of course getting some fresh air in the garden instead of watch TV all day long…

Another shot with the umbrella…

Later my mum brought Emmanuel out for a walk…for the first time…joining Megumi for the photo session…and boy…Emmanuel seems excited!

Emmanuel was first time outside in the garden.

Then we called their mother out to join us… (my mother as photographer…see! D3s can also be handled by a newbie!)

Lydia and Emmanuel…

Megumi joining the shot…

My mother and Emmanuel…

My mother, Megumi and Emmanuel.

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Lydia, Megumi & Emmanuel

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Feb 11, 2012 Under Family

After bath…can you see the bird? :P


Feel fresh after bath…good mood…

Another angle…

Must have Megumi as well…


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Emmanuel at bath

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Feb 11, 2012 Under Family

Emmanuel at bath…very identical to Megumi at bath years ago!

This is Emmanuel

This is Megumi






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Photo Editing in Mac

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Feb 4, 2012 Under Family

Since I now carry my MacBook Air to work and back home most of the time, so I have to force learning to use another photo editing software in Mac instead of waiting till I got to my office and use my favorite Paint Shop Pro in Windows to do editing.

Many have been praising Adobe Lightroom so much, so I guess I won’t go wrong with that…and today, finally I have forced myself to learn some basic things on Lightroom. I didn’t even know how to “SAVE AS” photos from Lightroom to desktop and then upload to my blog!

Yeah…finally I can share some photos on my blog…

Some random shots that I took…

Emmanuel Koh

Megumi breakfasting…

Lydia…(she said finally my D3s purchase is worthwhile…)

Ok, more to learn and share later… :)

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Homework Time…

Posted by Dr Koh on Friday Feb 3, 2012 Under Family

Megumi is now in Kindergarten 1, so everyday will have some homework to be finished.

Of course, Lydia is the guardian for Megumi homeworking…since she is smarter than I (I am sure she is going to read this later…)

Always happy on the start…

Very energetic…

Start to feel the challenge…

Need some assistance from mum…

Mum’s lips start longering already…

Now Megumi’s mouth longering…


Finally…as usual-lah…

(All photo above are taken with Nikon AFS 28-70mm F2/8 Lens + D3s, except the last photo with a AF 28-100m lens… )

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Megumi @ Home

Posted by Dr Koh on Friday Feb 3, 2012 Under Family

With my new toy…I got excited and mood to shoot again… :)

The shot was taken on a D3s + Nikkor AF 24mm F/2.8D lens.

1/30s, f/2.8, ISO 1250

A full frame view


Very sharp and clean image even at 100% view. No color shift and all detail retains. The above is original shot without any editing or sharpening.

A bit of processing and you will have an attractive color, contrast and sharpness.

More shots in the same series…(Sorry for the yellowish downlight)

Going to try with WB correction later. :)


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Birthday, 3rd Jan 2012

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Jan 9, 2012 Under Family

Who’s birthday? Me!

Megumi is seeking for permission from mother to blow the candle. Lydia:”There you blow!”

Happy blowing!


Time to cut the cake…

Lydia:”Let me try…”

“Yummy!”…is Secret Recipe Black Forest cake.

Happy birthday to me! I am happy when my family are happy. :)

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Emmanuel is born…25th December 2011

Posted by Dr Koh on Sunday Jan 8, 2012 Under Family

Thank God, our new baby, Emmanuel Koh, born on the 25th December 2011.

My mother came from Miri, Sarawak, to Johor to help taking care of my wife and Emmanuel, and also Megumi.

Yeah, she is busy cooking for my wife. We Chinese believe that women after labor should rest and eat properly for at least 30 days.

Visiting wife at the “hospital”…private clinic actually.

This is Emmanuel at home…9 Days Old…



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Megumi in her own room…

Posted by Dr Koh on Wednesday Nov 16, 2011 Under Family

Two days ago, Megumi started sleeping in her own room by her own. Yes, she insisted.

We were quite surprised actually, as we didn’t expect her to be so daring to sleep by her own. She seems to love to have her own room, and enjoying the warm yellow light in her room.

My wife felt empty without Megumi sleeping by the side.

Megumi has really grown up…

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Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Nov 7, 2011 Under Family

Just sharing…

The picture on the left was drawn by my wife, while the love shape people were drawn by Megumi. :)

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the Piano…

Posted by Dr Koh on Tuesday Sep 20, 2011 Under Family

I can’t play…but I am so proud to see Megumi learning and able to play and improve day by day…

There is no short-cut, and thanks to my wife who spend time with Megumi daily to guides and teach her “impatiently”…hahaa…


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My Mother in Law Birthday on 14th September 2011

Posted by Dr Koh on Tuesday Sep 20, 2011 Under Family

On 14th September 2011.

My in law family visited us, Megumi has been looking forward for the visit as she loves to play with her two cousins. We bought a big cake as a surprised to my mother in law, and yes I think everybody is happy. :)

Can you see the YOU sound from their mouth?

Now me in the photo, with our kakak (indonesian maid) triggering the shutter.

Noticed the large wall photo at the back? Yes, I just went to develop the photo, from our Australia trip. A third 24×36″ size photo in our house, making photography worthwhile! (no point keeping all photos in the computer HDD)

Cost of printing? Less than RM200 including framing. :)

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Megumi & the Piano…

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Jul 18, 2011 Under Family

Megumi practicing in the morning…

Hmm…something wrong with the key?

Let me mark it down…

Let’s try again…


(Megumi actually tried to copy her mother to write something on the song book when pianoing…she just pretend…)

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Bought a Piano

Posted by Dr Koh on Wednesday Jul 13, 2011 Under Family

Bought a Piano on Sunday, today they took the delivery to our home…

It is a Yamaha. I kinda like and trust Yamaha…though I can’t play piano…but I like to have one for my wife and my daughter.

It is not a brand new Piano, but a reconditioned unit from Japan. More than 20 years according to the seller, X series. What is the damaged? RM9500 nett. Sound is rich and great, and I have a near perfect (would have been perfect if I have a wall power plug there) for the piano.

It is a good piano, I hope Megumi can learn to play nice song when she grows up. :)

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60 Years Birthday Celebration for my Parents in Law

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday May 14, 2011 Under Family

We was in KL a week ago to celebrate my parents in law 60 years birthday. Just a dinner reunion together among the family members.

We were at the PALACE…

Big table…kids on another table.

The King and Queen.

My sister and brother in law. They live in KL. Having good life there. :)

Megumi in the middle. With an iPad, you are the top of all attention… :D

Her cousin on the right…Da Jou…

Cute little boy. :)

Last but not least of course…my wife Lydia and Megumi.

Food there is quite nice. Fish is fresh. However, be prepared to spend 4 digits for a dinner of 10 person. :)


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Mum, Lydia, Megumi & I…

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday May 2, 2011 Under Family

Took some family snap shots yesterday…



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Megumi & her puzzles

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday May 2, 2011 Under Family

Bought the puzzle game for her last night. It comes with a story book actually. Two in one, and costs RM30+. I think puzzle game is good for kids, so is worth spending. Megumi loves puzzle game.  :)

Have to pursue her long long in order to get this shot… :P

From another angle…

Shall I frame it? Looking for walls at home to hang photos now… :P

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My little Princess – Crown On

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Apr 30, 2011 Under Family

Megumi loves colouring, and I think she is quite talented in colouring.

My wife printed out and Megumi coloured the below crown herself. She then request us to cut and make the crown into a wearable one. She is quite happy. :)

In celebrating Royal wedding in UK yesterday (29th April 2011)… :)

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