Got a new toy today!

Posted by Dr Koh on Sunday Oct 21, 2007 Under Photography

Just received a new toy today from Malaysia… :D

Yeah! Crumpler the Seven Million Dollar Home!

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GMAIL space…ever increasing!

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Oct 20, 2007 Under Computer / IT

I just noticed this at the bottom of my Gmail account:

You are currently using 2027 MB (51%) of your 3964 MB.

If you log out of Gmail and went to the front page of Gmail, you will see a LIVE counter with Gmail space increasing every second!

Gmail, it is my “currently” favorite email client! I even prefer using it than my own POP3 account! Why?

1. Search is extremely fast!

2. “Unlimited” or very BIG storage!

3. Access anywhere when you have internet connection.

4. Intuitive and very user friendly interface! I like the way they group every related messages/emails into one email. You can just expand the emails and see every related email in one page! First in the world to introduce this…and I really love it!

5. Multi-language support (my Outlook Express is sometimes weird…)


Try it! You will LOVE and HOOK onto it! :)

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Megumi Reading The Bible (by Siaw Foong)

Posted by foong on Sunday Oct 14, 2007 Under Family


I started to read The Bible Scriptures together with Megumi everyday since last week.

Yesterday, we have read the Proverbs 3: 1~10. I loved this Words especially the verses no 5~7, which becomes my guidance to teach Megumi one day when she starts understand more things. And also my prayers to God that our family will fear the Lord in all things we do. Here the Scriptures say:

” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make y our paths straight,

Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. ”

I also pray to Lord that one day, Megumi could share her findings after reading the Bible. Now, seems like she only can “look look and see see” the Bible.


Yet, still I was moved by her “serious face”, how about you?


Megumi:” Have you read the Bible today?”

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Drinking Milk…

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Sep 22, 2007 Under Family

This is the whole scene when I took the toes photos in the previous post. My wife was feeding Megumi with soya milk. I love the scene, so took my D200 and snap snap snap…no flash, ISO800, Tamron SP 17-50mm lens.

the whole scene picture…


- horizontal view of whole scene -


- little hand holding bottle closeup -


- face closeup -


Uploaded many photos today…hope you all enjoying reading…I hope this serves as a good growing memory of Megumi… :) God bless and good night…

2.42am, Saijo, Hiroshima, Japan.

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Megumi little legs… :)

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Jun 30, 2007 Under Family

Megumi is 17 days old as of today (30th June 2007). Thanks to my lovely wife and my mum who both took deep care of her, she is growing healthily and strongly. Thanks God for protecting her as well, and thanks many brothers and sisters who pray for my family.

Here’s some photos to share with you all… :)



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Nikon AF 85mm F/1.4D versus Canon EF 85mm F/1.2 USM L II

Posted by Dr Koh on Sunday Jun 24, 2007 Under Photography

I have the chance to see the Canon EF 85mm F/1.2 L II lens for a while, at the same time having the Nikon AF 85mm F/1.4D lens myself.

Both of them are said to be the BEST portrait lens in its own brand (Nikon and Canon). I do not have Canon DSLR, so not sure how is the image quality. Still, I thought of taking some photos comparing their physical size and share them with you all.

Nikon one is 551 grams while Canon one is 999 grams! When holding the Canon 85mm L II lens in hand (with glove), it felt considerably MUCH heavier than the Nikon counterpart.

kkk_5754.JPG kkk_5752.JPG

When putting these two lenses side by side, the Nikon becomes so small and considerable “cheap”. The Canon version is like a totally different class!


The Canon lens is F/1.2, the brightest 85mm lens in 135 format! It needs lots of light to enter the lens, hence the very big glass at the rear element, till no place for the electronic circuit and has to be built onto the glass itself. I guess the process require very high precision cutting, hence adding extra cost to the production of the lens.


The Canon 85mm L II lens is really the lens to own. If I were a Canon user, this would definitely be the DREAM lens for me. The price is nearly double as of the Nikon AF 85mm F/1.4D, only for those “RICH” or “HIGH FEVER” Canonians.

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Happy Birthday, Dearest Foong!

Posted by Dr Koh on Friday May 11, 2007 Under Family

Happy Birthday, Dearest Foong!

11th May 2007


Happy Birthday Dear…hope you have a very happy birthday today. Hope you like the cake and the little present I bought for you. Hope you have a good surprise.

May our God bless you and keep you peace. May He guide you and protect you always. May He give you wisdom and have His grace pour upon you.

Next year we celebrate your birthday together with our baby girl. :)

I love you dear…thank you for everything you did for me.

Yours, King…


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Posted by Dr Koh on Thursday Apr 12, 2007 Under Photography


Got quite upset over PhotoMalaysia recently…first is the slowness of the site…which I still don’t understand why it becomes slow with small number of members online (average 80 members and 100 guests), and around 9000 registered members. Even during off peak hours, the database connection seems to be slow as well.

Is the problem due to vBulletin software? Or the setting of our server or database? As having no control over the technical part…I feel frustrated. Hope to grow PhotoMalaysia and make it as good as possible, but many things are not within my control. Removing more and more information from PhotoMalaysia website to speed up the thing isn’t the solution IMO, eg. who’s online is of very interesting to me.

Currently paying PhotoMalaysia’s server already costing us US$1.5k+ (RM5~6k), I paid the money upfront but have received support from other caring PMers from time to time, and sometimes received advertisements from companies and members. If we were to get a 2nd server, it means another US$1.5k+, together with ShaShinKi’s own server (US$1k+), I need to spend US$4k (RM15k) ANNUALLY just for the servers renting. This is A LOT OF MONEY for me…and honestly I do not think I can afford this kind of spending at the moment, especially with my baby daughter coming in June…my wife will be very upset if I were to commit into such a spending.

So, what can be done? Brian is doing his best to tweak the server…but still…the fact is that PhotoMalaysia is still slow from time to time. It makes surfing less fun…and people are attacking us due to that. PhotoMalaysia is like my baby…as much as I love and care about it, I hope it can grow to be the most successful photography website in Malaysia. It is sad that we are slowed down by our hardware limit… :'(

I will think again about the server cost…to commit into such a big expenditure yearly or not…

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Hanami 2007…

Posted by Dr Koh on Friday Apr 6, 2007 Under Family, Photography

Japanese have a culture of go seeing sakura during every spring. In Japanese, they call it Hanami, which means flower viewing. Hana = flower, mi = see.

I went hanami with my lovely wife and baby today at the nearby garden, took some photos and sharing here with you all. :)



kkk_5028.jpg kkk_5014.jpg

kkk_5020.jpg kkk_5015.jpg

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Cold? Flu?

Posted by Dr Koh on Friday Apr 6, 2007 Under Family

Not feeling very well today…started yesterday night actually. Having very bad flu. I guess due to the tired body and sudden temperature change recently (thought spring has come, but suddenly get very cold again). Caught some rain too…

Having running nose, hope can get better soon.

My lovely wife is very caring. Cook good delicious meals for me and washed all the dishes. She is pregnant for 7 months now…thank you my dear!

Tomorrow we are going to strawberry farm, hope my body is getting well by tomorrow so that we all can enjoy a good trip!

By the way, I notice sakura trees have already have leafs coming out…need to go snap snap more photos before the flowers are all gone. Rained yesterday and the day before, most trees already have full blossom, better act soon. My wife and I plan to visit Kagamiyama Koen (Mountain Mirror Garden) today, hope my body is not too tired.

God bless!

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Pastor Hayashi

Posted by Dr Koh on Wednesday Apr 4, 2007 Under Church

This might be the last time I am seeing my beloved pastor – Hayashi sensei – in Japan. Today went to church at 8am to help moving house. Though I do not know him well, but his messages in church and his family and Megumi church have been a big blessing to me and my wife in Japan.

Pastor Hayashi has been serving in Megumi church for more than 10 years. Many people cried during his last service on 25th March 2007, I was in Scotland during that time but my wife called me about the church service. I am glad that I can meet him again today.

To Hayashi sensei, wherever you go, may God bless you and your family and be with you all always!

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