Just Bought! Philips HTL-3140B Soundbar

Posted by Dr Koh on Sunday Mar 15, 2015 Under Family

Actually…bought it last night. RM699 – 10% discount, so final price RM629.10. This is the lowest price I can find in Malaysia, online. Physical store is selling at much higher price.

HTL3140B_12-IMS-nl_NLBuying online is a bit risky, not that I won’t get the product, but am not sure how’s the quality of the soundbar. I didn’t test or see the soundbar in person, only based on online review on the HTL-5140 model which got a perfect score from Whathifi.


I couldn’t find HTL-5140 model in Malaysia, so I decided to settle for the HTL-3140 model. Hopefully the quality is not disappointing.

By the way, the B alphabet stands for BLACK. There is a WHITE or SILVER version available oversea, but I think Black should be fine for my black should be fine for my living room.


By the way, I did check the specs and connectivity of the soundbar before deciding on it. Can connect to TV via digital cable or AUX IN or HDMI. I think I will go for digital cable, but need to wait again for delivery of the cable from oversea, as it is not included by default. For the time-being, I will just connect via AUX IN I guess. One thing I like about this soundbar is that the WOOFER unit is connected to the soundbar via Bluetooth. So there is no ugly wire connecting the two, and you can put your woofer further from your soundbar. Great! Another great features on the soundbar is the support of USB and Bluetooth connection. You can play your music directly from your mobile phone to the soundbar, making it a nice home audio system conveniently.

htl3140b_b3 HTL3140B-3

Delivery should be within this week. Can’t wait!

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My 60″ TV Update

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Mar 9, 2015 Under Family

Got the Sharp Aquos 60″ TV last week. Really huge! Fit my cabinet just perfectly!

The one behind is my old 40″ Sony LCD TV.


I bought a TV bracket from Jusco / AEON (RM75), took me an hour to fit it to the cabinet wall (with help from my buddy Alvin). Great viewing position! (My wife used to complain that the previous Sony 40″ TV is too low sitting on the cabinet.)


Did some tidying, remove the redundant speakers…etc., now the cabinet looks much tidier. :) First trial…XBOX game!IMG_20150305_213949

Great! Huge view, nice colour. Better than what I am expecting from a RM2699 60″ TV!


Next…looking for a soundbar… ;)

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Just Bought a Sharp 60″ AQUOS Full HD LED TV LC60LE650M

Posted by Dr Koh on Wednesday Mar 4, 2015 Under Family

I have wanted a bigger TV for quite some time…but haven’t got the chance to do so (didn’t get the urge to pull the plug).

Then yesterday I saw a good deal…great maybe, a Sharp 60″ AQUOS Full HD LED TV LC60LE650M at just RM2699.10 (after discount)! Free shipping to my door steps with 2 years warranty. My previous Sony TV costs me RM3-4k for a 40″ size model, and I don’t want to spend so much money again for another TV. My Sony TVs are still fine, but I just felt of wanting a bigger TV.


55″ might be enough…but since I am getting a new one and going to kept it for several years at least…so I might as well go for the largest 60″ that I can afford. Yeah…that should be the biggest that my living room cabinet can fit in.

I did some measurement and below pic is what I estimated how the 60″ is going to be…

livingroomtvQuite HUGE huh?! Hopefully still OK when it arrives tomorrow.

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Protected: ShaShinKi

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Feb 7, 2015 Under Shop

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Megumi & Emmanual on 3rd February 2015

Posted by Dr Koh on Tuesday Feb 3, 2015 Under Family

Long time no blog…

Just bought a nice lens, Nikon AF-S 85mm F/1.4, decided to put it through some real life testing. What’s best than taking photos of your own kids?






KKK_9970Really sharp lens…and at F1.4, the depth of field is just amazing! Still, you can still sense the SHARP focus point it delivers!


This is a 100% crop from the above FULL RESOLUTION photo.


For lens with such shallow depth of field, you have to make sure that your camera matches it well. Meaning to say that there should be no front focus or back focus issue when shooting. The good thing about Nikon D3s is that there is a focus fine tune in the camera, so I actually did fine tune focus the lens with my D3s before shooting. The value I got is -14 on my camera in order to have perfect focus point as per my camera sensor.

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Rerouting Pipes of my house

Posted by Dr Koh on Friday Jan 23, 2015 Under Family

December 2014 water bill = RM350!

January 2015 water bill = RM450!!!

Yeah, something definitely NOT right and we all knew there are water leakage. Contractor called, and we have the work done by rerouting the water pipe from outside our house through side wall to the roof and back to our water tank. Two days work (16th & 17th January 2015, Friday-Saturday), RM2200. Using polycarbonate pipes all the way. Concealed and inclusive of drilling several holes to my kitchens to replace the original pipes. I took the opportunity to change the long leaking kitchen sink water pipe as well.

Am still waiting for the new water bill for Feb 2015, hoping RM10…nah…more realistically RM30 water bill for our family usage.

Called Diamond Water filter agent as well, to replace the old water filter that we installed in our house 7 years ago. Time to change. RM979 for the filter + RM220 for the stainless steel bracket (to hold the filter mounting to the wall).


Why Diamond water filter? The price different is not much as compared to those generic brand stainless filter out there, so I thought it might be better having this popular brand for easier maintenance instead of a no brand one (I am not sure who to call for servicing of my previous water filter). Since two of my friends also recently installed Diamond filters, so I might as well get the same one.

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My NEW Ride – Kia Optima K5

Posted by Dr Koh on Tuesday Jan 20, 2015 Under Car

Today is an exciting day! A new ride (old car but just 1 year+ old) from my father! Sent all the way from Miri to Johor, via ship (in a container). Transportation cost alone is already RM3k+.

My father sent me this car, when I told him about the “problems” of the Peugeot 407 that he gave me (transported through sea as well) 4 years ago. Small problems actually (door lock, brake sensor…etc.), and I have since settled all and costs RM1k+ only. So those are not the reason to have another car, but the SPACE and LEG room. My wife said every time sitting behind our Peugeot 407 felt like going to pass out…hot and very tight.

My father is generous enough to offer me this very new Kia Optima K5. A beautiful car in Silver Metallic colour. Yes, plate number 1210 again, which is my father’s favorite. :)

I like the tail light design of this car. There is a new facelift model now, which I think is UGLY.


You can’t mistaken the front LED light of this Kimchi. Slanted SIDE LINE LED, the trademark of Kia Optima K5.


First time driving a Kimchi…as many has commented, there are lots of accessories inside this car. My wife said this Kimchi makes our old Peugeot 407 looks like an ancient dinasour…


The best thing I love about this car is how spacious it is. Peugeot 407 is a nice car, no problem for the driver but those sitting behind are suffering. I have long legs, so I tend to put my seat far back when driving. This makes those sitting right behind me suffers. However, no such problem with this Kimchi. When you OFF the engine, the seat is automatically push all backward (to allow driver easier getting off or access), and still those sitting behind have no problem with the space!

IMG_20150131_143201Am thankful to my father for the gift, a very nice family car for my family. :)

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Got an email from Ms Yvonne Tuah, the Business Writer of The Borneo Post, Sarawak Largest Circulated English Daily, few weeks ago (19th Sept 2014). Was extremely busy that time and right before the due date (midnight of 29th Sept) I managed to squeeze out several hours finishing the interview questions. Of course, the time is well spent. :)

On the 5th Oct 2014 (Sunday), one of my friend and customer from Kuching, Mr. Vernon, whatsapp me a photo of The Borneo Post, where the interview was published. I didn’t know the publishing date until then, which was a pleasant surprise to me. :)

SSK-BORNEOPOSTMs Yvonne sent me the digital copy of the published newspaper, which can be read in more details below:

BP_20141005_P01 BP_20141005_P07 BP_20141005_P08and09 BP_20141005_P10It is good to get more exposure in physical newspaper. :)

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Walkera TALI H500 Review

Posted by Dr Koh on Thursday Sep 25, 2014 Under Photography

Just received my new Walkera TALI H500 few hours ago! Quickly put it to trial though the sky is getting dark.

I was quite excited with the new toy, but someone is even more excited than I! Glad to have Emmanuel accompanying me for the OPEN BOX session.

As you can see in the photos below, the box is HUGE! Much bigger than the DJI Phantom 2 that I have sold many.






I am glad that Walkera packed the H500 with double layer box. Nice packaging for customer.




Opening the inner box shows the TALI H500 sitting safely in it.


In the bottom of the box, there sits the very nice REMOTE CONTROL Unit with LCD built in! Of course there is charger, G-3D Gimbal…etc.


I took the H500 out, and you can see that the propellers are not mounted yet.


Took me several minutes to assemble everything and viola! Walkera TALI H500 is in the sky!


This is not really a review, but a quick show of my excitement of receiving the HEXACOPTER!

Walkera TALI H500 is now available at ShaShinKi!

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Detecting Fake HOYA Filter (Is your HOYA Genuine?)

Posted by Dr Koh on Thursday Sep 25, 2014 Under Photography

Hoya filter is among the most popular filters in the market. The top line HD version has now become the target of FAKE makers.

After paying hundreds of ringgit for the top of the line HOYA HD filter, have you ever wonder if your purchase is a FAKE or GENUINE filter? Third party NO BRAND or “FAKE HOYA” brand UV filter can cost as cheap as RM15 (USD5.00) per piece, so it is common for many unethical seller to cheat and makes over 10 folds the profit by selling FAKE HOYA filter.


Below are some of the ways to differentiate if the HOYA filter you bought is genuine or fake. Of course, which the advancement of “technology”, imitate version can still “correct” those weakness and make their fake as real as possible. If doubt, purchase only from a reputable shop, such as ShaShinKi.com.


Fake Hoya filter uses the same barcode number for all their filters’ packaging. Get a barcode APPS for your mobile phone and you should be able to scan it.





Also take note that FAKE filter has just HD UV above the barcode, whereby genuine filter will have the size “52S” or “77S” printed.

Colour on the BOX

A genuine Hoya filter will have TWO tones of Black colour on the box. The EDGE is shinny black, while the inner part is matted black.


Logo Printing on the Filter

Noticed the D letter on the box of Hoya filter has 9 dots on it? On the filter itself however, there is NO dot for genuine filter! Take note that this is TRUE for UV filter, but I have seen genuine Hoya CPL filter to have DOTs.


Besides the wordings, take a look at the COLOUR of the printing as well. Genuine Hoya HD filter uses grey colour in the paint, while FAKE uses white.


Finally, take a look at the H alphabet of HOYA. Genuine filter always has the horizontal line when across the two | |, while fake filter is a typical H from computer writing. This happens commonly on the cheaper version of HOYA filter.



The above are just some “HINTS” for you to look out for in FAKE HOYA filters. If you can identify any of the fake hint on your current filter, then most likely it is a FAKE (Imitate) HOYA. If you can’t find any, there is still no 100% guarantee that your filter is genuine. To be safe, purchase your HOYA filter from reputable store that you can trust.

If the price is too good to be true…most probably it is a FAKE one. :D

(Check ShaShinKi.com for a reference of genuine HOYA filter market price.)


Photos above are taken from Google/internet. If I have infringed your copyright, please email me at khoking@gmail.com and I will remove the photos immediately.

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my LASIK surgery – personal experience sharing

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Sep 1, 2014 Under Family

I made a very important decision in my life last week, that is to go for LASIK surgery.


I wear glasses since I was in primary school. Stupid me thinking that that will make me looks cool or smarter. Reading in poor light condition…etc. I don’t remember since when my vision has become so poor that I can’t live without glasses anymore. My last few weeks check is having -725 and -750 farsightedness on my eyes. I have to wear glasses in my daily life, not a single moment without it. I can’t play sports (basketball or volley ball might hit my face and damaged my glasses, I have experienced that many times). When I went jogging, I have to wear string on my glasses, else my glasses will keep falling off from my face after sweating. It is really inconvenient to my life.

I have wanted to do LASIK for many years…since maybe 15 years ago. However, I was scared and poor. Scared being the main part. Scared of getting blind.


Then few weeks ago, I felt like doing LASIK again. I went to do my new spectacles 3 weeks ago together with my wife, and after that I talked to her briefly my intention of going LASIK. I didn’t expect her to AGREE and SUPPORT, as I remembered her saying that she scared of me going blind. When she supported me, that’s it. I decided to go for LASIK.

Do Google searching, and found a shop called VISTA in City Plaza, Johor (they advertised at Google, which is good for them). Called and made an appointment with them for checking and consultation the same week. Then I posted my intention of performing LASIK in my Facebook page, and one of my friend recommended me to get professional consultation from a shop called OPTIMAX in CitySquare, Johor. She said she did her LASIK there. So I canceled my appointment with VISTA and went to OPTIMAX on Friday for checkup appointment. (Not saying VISTA is poorer, just that since my friend did hers at OPTIMAX, so I decided to check that out first.).



I did the check up at Optimax on the 8th August 2014 (Friday), spent nearly 3 hours there. It is quite a detail check up, and the results are positive, meaning that I am OK to go for LASIK. At Optimax, there are several types of Laser Vision Correction. The common two are that I can consider are:

  • Customize Laser Profile = cost RM3xxx per eye (can’t remember exactly, as I don’t intend to opt for this)
  • ReLEx smile = cost RM6500 per eye (current promotion at RM5550 per eye for their 19th anniversary)

I didn’t pay much attention on the risk part, as I have studied that online, and I am willing to take the risks (those that I have heard).

Why I chose ReLEx smile?

Customize Laser Profile is already very advanced actually, and is the most common type of LASIK performed world wide. However, a common “complaint” or risk of this “Customize Laser Profile LASIK” surgery is the flap. There is a possibility that flap might come off in certain situations (rub eyes, knocked by someone, ball…etc.). As the surgery requires cutting open a big part of your corneal flap, to allow laser beam to then cut the corneal to correct your eye vision, so it takes longer time to heal. People have reported of longer dry eyes because of this bigger cut, as more nerves are being damaged in the cut.


ReLEx smile
(below are copied from Optimax website)

Bladeless. Flapless. Painless. ReLEx smile is the new and revolutionary laser refractive technique for correction of vision defects. It is a minimally invasive treatment with numerous innovative benefits, high precision levels and perceptibly greater comfort during the treatment itself.

proceduce relex_smilelogo

ReLEx smile is a less invasive way to treat short-sightedness and astigmatism. Traditional laser treatment involves cutting a flap from the cornea and uses Excimer laser to change the shape of the cornea. With ReLEx there is no flap cut required.

A 4mm opening is all ReLEx smile needs. The minimally invasive technique allows significantly more corneal tissue to remain intact. This contributes to many benefits which other Lasik procedures do not offer.

No, I didn’t make the decision on the spot after the checkup. Though I have almost decided to go for LASIK, but I decided to give myself some time to cool down and of course have a final discussion with my wife before I make the booking.

Optimax closed on Sunday and Monday, so I made a visit to their shop again on Tuesday (12th August 2014) to confirm my appointment for ReLEx smile LASIK surgery. This surgery is only available in their KL headquarter, so I have to flew there for the surgery. Money paid (they have 24 months interest free installment), so is not so burden, flight booked (Fireflyz), and all set.



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ShaShinKi and Google

Posted by Dr Koh on Thursday Aug 28, 2014 Under ShaShinKi

Received an interesting call today (It was already 4pm, I was free, so just entertained him…)…

Person A: Hello, may I speak to Dr Koh Kho King?
Me: Yes, speaking.
Person A: I am calling from #$^45*&^ (I don’t know what name he pronounced). Are you the owner of ShaShinKi?
Me: Yes.
Person A: We are Google certified SEO company. Do you know that you are losing a lot of business because you are not being featured on the first page of Google?
Me: Is it?! (tried to show a very surprised sound to him…)
Person A: (Excited!) YES! When people search “Best Camera in Malaysia”, they don’t see you! We can bring your…#&*(&$*(
Me: Oh…search what again? (I was with my computer, so I quick google the keyword he mentioned.)
Person A: “Best Computer in Malaysia”! You are not on page 1 of google, you are losing many customers! If people can’t find you…they can’t buy from you…$*$#($&^*C…
Me: (interrupting him…) Search what again? (Computer? or Camera? I want to make sure he know what he is talking about)
Person A: Best Computer in Malaysia! We can bring….*(&$%($
Me: But I am not selling computer? I am selling camera.
Person A: Oh…”Best Camera in Malaysia”! Search in Google.com.my, people can’t find you on page 1, not even after page 7…you are loosing a lot of business! We can bring your…^&#$&%*$%
Me: (I let him talk…as I was using Google.com all the time, I have to switch to Google.com.my and do the search myself to see where ShaShinKi is. Searched done.). I can see ShaShinKi.com on first page. It is on line 4.
Person A: No, you are loosing a lot of business because you are not on first page, we can bring you to first page…^&^#$(#$&(…
Me: (Interrupting him) Have you tried searching yourself? I can see ShaShinKi on No 4 line in First Page.
Person A: Wait…Oh…yes…but try “buy camera online in Malaysia”, you are not on first page! We can bring your website to first page!*(&(*&$#)_$*%()$%…
Me: Have you tried searching? (quickly googled and still found ShaShinKi on still on first page of Google.).
Person A: Wait…(silent for a few seconds…) Oh…yes sir, you are on first page…thank you for your time.
Me: (waiting him to talk more…)….
Person A: ……… (hang up)



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My New Spectacles

Posted by Dr Koh on Tuesday Aug 12, 2014 Under Family

Got my new spectacles today. RM700 nett. I opted for a better quality glass this time, as the previous one was quite bad in coating. Costs me RM450 for the glass alone.

As for the frame, RM250, Braun Buffel. Not sure if is original or not, but at least is branded. My previous one has no brand (or not well known), and the paint got peeled off after some time. My previous previous one was Nikon, and the paint is lasting. So this time I decided on a frame that is at least well known.


My wife said this will be my last spectacles, for far sighted. :)

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Peugeot RCZ – Changing Tyres

Posted by Dr Koh on Tuesday Jul 1, 2014 Under Car

After sending in my wife’s Peugeot 407 for servicing, I decided to might as well do mine (RCZ) as well. It is already overdue by 2 months… :p

Normal servicing, RM495. Using Total engine oil. Petronas oil will be cheaper, but I prefer Total, since it is what recommended by Peugeot France.

The service centre asked if I wanted to rotate my tyres or not, since the two front tyres are quite worn out. I said NO at first, since I thought rear is more important than front (there are many confusing arguments out there in the internet), but the mechanics there said front is more important, as it hold the grips and steering. They asked me for 2nd time, and since they are the expert, I said OK. Free of charge.

After they removed the front tyres, then only I realized how bad the condition is. The one on the left is already have the metal shown, definitely NOT recommended for driving any further. So a change is a must, no more waiting.


(This pic was taken at tyre shop two days later)

I went to two tyre shops to ask about the tyre – Continental 235/40 R19, this is a weird size. No shop keep stock of such tyre, and they said they will get back to me after checking with supplier.

I got phone call the next day. One quoted me RM1250 per piece, and they other RM1200. Of course I chose the cheaper one, and I am going to change TWO. Coincidentally they have two units available in Johor, year 2014 model. So not too old. I make an arrangement to go change the tyre the next next day.



It took about an hour for them to change the tyres and do the balancing and alignment. One think I doubt on the alignment is that they do not have Peugeot RCZ in their system, so they use 407 as reference. No good. Anyhow, no choice.

One thing to note. There is a Pressure Sensor in the tyre. So extra care must be carried out when removing the tyre from the rim. They didn’t realized it on the first tyre (which I also forgot until I saw the sensor for the first time), and they make extra care on the 2nd tyre. I was observing them and I think no damage on both tyres.

Anyhow, bad thing. After driving my car home, there is WARNING LOG on my RCZ. Both front tyre are deflated as told by the onboard computer. Initially I thought maybe the tyre pressure is too low, so I went to petrol station to pump to the correct 240psi. Anyhow, at the petrol station I saw the pressure inside is already 250psi, so it shouldn’t be under pressure. Bad…

I went back to the tyre shop, they have no idea as well, and asked me to check with Peugeot centre if a resetting is required after tyre change. Peugeot service centre is closed on Sunday, so I can’t get hold of them.

Today, I managed to call my local Peugeot service centre, and got confirmation from them that a resetting is required after tyre change. I will head for the resetting later, hopefully it is just a simple reset and no more error/warning log.

Update 01 July 2014

I went to Peugeot service centre at Bukit Indah wanted to reset the pressure sensor in my tyres. Upon reaching there, I noticed that the fault warning is no longer there. Could it has been automatically reset by itself ? (as what I have read in Peugeot UK forum)

Anyhow, I still ask the service centre about the resetting. Too bad, they said they do not have such tool to reset. What?! When I called in the morning they said they can do.

Nevermind, I think the reset has been done automatically by the car. No warning, no fault now. :)

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Discus Growth

Posted by Dr Koh on Tuesday Jul 1, 2014 Under Fish

This photo was taken on 21st April 2014.


This is taken just today, 30th June 2014. Two months 10 days.


Bulldog gene is showing more on the discus now. Fin has grown bigger. Too bad his partner has gone from illness… :(


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Peugeot RCZ and Military Aeroplane

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Jun 30, 2014 Under Car

Which one is faster?


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Peugeot 407 – Service and Maintenance 3 years 2 months Old

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Jun 30, 2014 Under Car


My wife’s 407 was having problem starting few days ago. Initially I thought battery is fine, and must be some other causes. I checked the power steering fluid, looks EMPTY to me (below the minimum line as per the indicator). I can hardly start it…but still able to drive it to Pasar to buy some food.

The next day the day couldn’t be started at all. So I called Peugeot Service hotline. Too bad, they said their free tow service is only for the first year of purchase. They suggested me to call my car insurance company for free tow service. My 407 is insured under KURNIA insurance, googled for their contact number and got it. Kurnia Auto Assist. Free tow service is for the first 50km.



Assistance within 50 km radius from service provider’s workshop to breakdown scene
(30km for Sabah & Sarawak)
Beyond 50km
(beyond 30km for Sabah & Sawarak)
RM2.00 per km (for day and night)

In less than 10 mins, the tow driver called me and said he is from Johor Jaya, which is around 30-40mins drive from my place. Good service I must say.

The two truck came at around 10am, and the nice driver help to put my 407 to his tow truck. I told him where to head to, and I drive my other car leading him to Peugeot service centre in Bukit Indah. One thing I really like is that the driver drove VERY CAREFULLY at I think 30km/hr! I have to constantly slow down or wait for him, and I was only driving at 40-50km/hr! Good and careful service and I like that! (I have seen a tow truck break down at a traffic light where the car it towed got left behind…)

At the service centre, the mechanics checked my car few half an hour, and told me is just Battery Problem. Oops…too bad, and I was wrong, but I am glad that I was wrong. Changing battery is so much cheaper and simpler than the power steering fault! Of course I didn’t change the battery at the service centre, as it costs RM500 to change there, while I can get it done outside at RM290 (I did it two days later with my usual mechanics came over to my house to fit a new battery). Still, I decided to do my normal car service there, which costs me RM400+. I think is OK since they are the expert and they know what to do and what to check. I didn’t wait at the service centre there, as I have an appointment later, and it took an hour + for them to do the service.

I got a phone call from Peugeot service centre an hour later, informing me that the brake pad of the car is about to wear out. Asking me if I wanted to change or not. RM400+. I asked if it can last till next service, they said most probably no. So I decided to just proceed and change.

Total cost for the 407 service and change of brake pad = RM920. Happy that the car is now fine to serve!

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Nikon Announced D810

Posted by Dr Koh on Thursday Jun 26, 2014 Under Photography

With Extreme Resolution, Powerful Video Features and Enhanced Performance, the New Nikon D810 is the Essential Asset for Pro Photo and Video Applications


MELVILLE, NY (June 26, 2014 at 12:01 A.M. EDT) Today, Nikon Inc. announced the D810, the next benchmark in D-SLR image quality for professional photographers and cinematographers. The D810features a brand-new 36.3-megapixel, full-frame FX-format sensor without an optical low pass filter (OLPF) for extreme resolution and staggering dynamic range. Bolstered by Nikon’s EXPEED 4 image processing engine, the D810 delivers enhanced response and performance for a wide variety of photographic, cinematic and broadcast disciplines. Whether photographing weddings, fashion or landscapes, shooting documentary-style cinema or video for broadcast, this is the one D-SLR that provides the ultimate in versatility and capability.

“Once a user experiences the intense level of fine detail they are able to render using the immersive resolution of theD810, it will be hard to imagine a project without it,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. “When coupled with the amazing imaging capabilities of NIKKOR optics, the D810 becomes a powerful storytelling tool to create images and broadcast-quality video with unprecedented detail, dynamic range and sharpness.”


Nikon’s Greatest Image Quality Yet
The Nikon D810 is the pinnacle of D-SLR image quality, continuing to rival medium format cameras thanks to a variety of Nikon technologies engineered for professional image capture. At the core of the D810is a brand-new, 36.3-megapixel FX-format (7360 x 4912 resolution) CMOS sensor that lets photographers wield the benefits of extremely high resolution, with rich tonality and a broad dynamic range. This super-high resolution gives professionals the power to capture with stellar sharpness, make massive prints or crop liberally with confidence. The OLPF has been removed to maximize the potential of every pixel, resulting in outstanding resolution and sharpness, yielding images that render subtle details with striking fidelity.
Image quality further benefits from the application of Nikon’s exclusive EXPEED 4 image processing engine, which also provides enhancements to overall performance while suppressing instances of false color and moiré. Photographing in the field or in the studio, users will see the difference with the ability to create stunning images with unprecedented clarity in gradation rendering, expanded dynamic range and high accuracy white balance. Additionally, EXPEED 4 enhances noise reduction performance, and helps to achieve a wider ISO range, from 64 to 12,800, to improve low-noise image capture in a variety of lighting conditions. The ISO range is also expandable from 32 (Lo-1) to 51,200 (Hi-2) letting the photographer shoot with maximum fidelity under studio lighting or confidently capture a faintly-lit wedding reception or other subjects in even the most challenging light.

Nikon has also implemented a myriad of new features aimed at improving overall image quality for all types of photographers. Nikon’s Advanced Scene Recognition System with the 91,000-pixel 3D Color Matrix Meter III provides unbelievably balanced exposures in difficult scenes. The system analyzes each scene to recognize factors such as color, brightness and human faces with startling precision to determine what type of subject a user is shooting. The system then compares all the data using an image database to adjust exposure, AF, auto white balance, i-TTL flash control and enhances subject tracking.

Further enhancing the D810’s image quality, a “Clarity” setting has been added to the available Picture Control adjustment parameters, which adjusts mid tones to enhance details within an image. To help preserve the most amount of detail in shadows and highlights, the new “Flat” Picture Control Profile is now available. This Picture Control Profile allows both photographers and filmmakers to get the widest tonal range out of their cameras for maximum flexibility in post processing. For further customization of Picture Controls, users are now able to make adjustments in .25 step increments for the maximum level of custom color, saturation and brightness levels. Additionally, the D810 employs a new highlight-weighted metering option, which detects the brightness in a scene and determines optimum exposure, preventing blown-out highlights, which is ideal for stage and performance capture.

Video Features Fit for Production


TheD810 has powerful video features that make it a valuable tool for any production environment. Whether a user is looking for manual control for pro video application or portability and lens selection for episodic broadcast, the D810 delivers a truly cinematic experience with a wide range of professional-oriented features:

  • Broadcast quality video: Full HD 1920 x 1080 video capture at a variety of frame rates, including 60/30/24p.
  • Versatile crop modes: FX and DX crop modes give users a telephoto boost when needed, a feature that has been very popular with camera operators because of its added flexibility on set.
  • Flat Picture Control profile: This neutral color profile is ideal for video and gives the user maximum flexibility in post-production.
  • HDMI output: The D810can relay uncompressed digital video to an external recorder via HDMI, while simultaneously displaying the video on the rear LCD display and external LCD monitor. Operators can now also record both to the internal card (compressed) and to the external recorder (uncompressed) simultaneously.
  • Smooth in-camera time-lapse and interval timer: Like the Nikon D4S, the D810uses an auto-exposure setting to help create super-smooth exposure and tonal transitions for professional results with time-lapse and interval-time shooting.
  • Audio control: The D810 features a built-in stereo microphone, and an external microphone can also be attached, such as the Nikon ME-1. Additionally, wide and voice frequency ranges are also now available for audio capture.
  • Expanded ISO for video: The ISO range is expanded for video, now encompassing a clean ISO 64 to a versatile 12,800. The Auto-ISO function is also available while recording to adapt the exposure as the light changes, which can eliminate the need to adjust the aperture (in manual mode, ISO 200- 51,200).
  • Zebra stripes: A zebra pattern can be displayed during live view, making it easy to spot overexposed areas.
  • Highlight weighted metering: This new setting helps to prevent blown-out highlights in video. This is especially useful when capturing spot-lit stage performances or shoots with harsh directional lighting.
  • Full manual control: With the innovative Power Aperture setting, it is simple to adjust the exposure and depth of field on the fly while recording to an external recorder or SD/CF cards. In manual mode, users can also control shutter speed and ISO while recording. Additionally, white balance and   exposure compensation can be adjusted prior to recording.
  • Full time AF: The Live View AF has been improved, and now provides faster full-time AF (AF-F mode).
  • NIKKOR lenses: Cinematographers and filmmakers are supported with more than 80 NIKKOR lenses, many of which are a popular choice for cinema applications because of their brilliant optical quality and characteristics.

Accuracy and Speed

With the ability to brandish the results of such staggering resolution, accuracy and precision become paramount as the need for razor-sharp focus is critical. The D810 renders every subtle detail and nuance in epic clarity, with the enhanced Multi-Cam 3500-FX AF sensor module that utilizes new AF algorithms for fascinating precision, even in challenging light. The focus system also has 15 cross-type AF sensors for enhanced accuracy, and works with the Advanced Scene Recognition System to provide accurate face detection even through the optical viewfinder. The camera also utilizes 11 cross-type sensors that are fully functional when using compatible NIKKOR lenses and teleconverters (aperture value up to f/8), which is especially useful for wildlife photography. In addition to normal, wide area, face tracking and subject tracking modes, the D810 also features the new Group AF mode for enhanced accuracy, even while tracking subjects.

Despite the D810’s immense imaging power, it will astound with its rapid response and speedy performance, thanks to the implementation of the EXPEED 4 image processing engine. The addition of EXPEED 4 allows for an overall 30% boost in performance, as well as a faster burst speed and enhancement to overall energy efficiency. Now the D810 is capable of shooting at 5 frames-per-second (fps) at full resolution and 5:4, 6 fps in DX or 1.2x modes,  (15.4-megapixel, 25.1-megapixel, respectively), and 7 fps in DX mode (15.4-megapixel), with battery pack. For full workflow versatility, the D810 also gives users the option to shoot in full resolution 14-bit RAW/NEF file format or the new RAW Size Small format. This 12-bit file format is half the resolution and approximately 1/4 the file size of full RAW files, for increased flexibility when speedy downloads are desired or memory space is at a premium.

Refined Controls and Construction

From all day in the studio to an extended assignment in the field, the D810 has been engineered for superior comfort and operability. When looking through the wide and bright viewfinder with 100% coverage, users will see shooting data displayed on an organic EL display element for maximum visibility. The viewfinder now also features a prism coating for enhanced clarity. In addition, the grip has been refined for comfort and ergonomics, and the “i” button has been added for quick access to common mode-dependent settings.

Both photographers and videographers will clearly see the benefits of the new high-resolution (1229K-dot)  3.2-inch LCD screen, which makes it simple to check focus, review images or compose a scene. The color space of the LCD screen can now also be fully customized, a feature that is useful for matching monitor or print calibration settings. Using the high-resolution LCD screen, users can also activate the new Split Screen Display Zoom function. This new mode magnifies two separated points on the same horizontal line, making it easier to confirm the two points are both level and in focus; a true advantage for architecture, industrial and landscape photographers.

Inside the durable magnesium alloy structure of the D810 improvements have also been made, including the use of a redesigned mirror sequencer / balancer unit, which minimizes vibration during shooting to increase sharpness during multiple frame bursts. Additionally, the electronic front curtain can now act as an electronic front shutter when using live view or first composing through the optical viewfinder in mirror-up mode. This new feature is useful to attain exacting sharpness when shooting slow-shutter landscapes or astrophotography. The shutter unit has also been tested to 200,000 cycles for years of maximum reliability. For further durability, the body of the D810 has been thoroughly sealed and gasketed to resist the elements, reinforcing this camera’s role in extreme production environments.

Superior System Support

Such extreme resolution requires that no compromise be made on glass, and NIKKOR lenses are the perfect choice to complement the D810. With more than 80 FX and DX-format lenses available, NIKKOR lenses offer the ultimate in image quality with sharpness and faithful color representation that is second to none. To light a scene imaginatively, the D810 has a built-in flash and is compatible with Nikon’s acclaimed Creative Lighting System, including a built-in Commander mode for controlling wireless Speedlights. The MB-D12 battery grip is also available to give users both extra grip and extra power when it is needed most.

For wireless control, the D810 is compatible with a full range of Nikon’s remote systems, including the new wireless remote system with the WR-1 to trigger the camera remotely. This system uses radio frequency rather than infrared, eliminating the need for line of sight communication.

Nikon will also be making a Software Developers Kit (SDK) available in the near future for the D810. This SDK will give third party developers the resources needed to create applications and enhance the flexibility of the D810.

Robust New Software Suite: Nikon Capture NX-D

Capture NX-D is Nikon’s new software for processing and adjusting RAW images captured with Nikon digital cameras. Capture NX-D is a free software application that will replace the current Capture NX 2 program, and adds interface and performance enhancements. In addition to RAW images, the program can also be used to adjust JPEG and TIFF files. This new software will support many functions needed by professional photographers, including batch image processing, filtering and an enhanced user interface with a variety of displays and floating palettes that are ideal for multiple monitors. Additionally, photographers will also have the ability to adjust parameters including exposure and white balance in RAW files, and can adjust tone curves, brightness and contrast, as well as functions for correcting lateral color aberration and vignetting in JPEG and TIFF files. The software also features a new “sidecar” format, which retains and saves the adjusted image as a separate file.

Nikon will also make available at no charge the new Picture Control Utility 2 software. This new software allows users to create custom Picture Control profiles, which can be easily loaded into the camera.


Price and Availability

The Nikon D810 will be available in late July for the suggested retail price (SRP) of $3299.95.* The MB-D12 battery pack is currently available for $616.00 SRP. The new Capture NX-D software package will be available mid-July for download at no additional cost. For more information about these products, NIKKOR lenses or to download the new Capture NX-D software, please visit www.nikonusa.com.

Additionally, Nikon will be offering two kits designed for videographers and filmmakers; the D810 Filmmaker’s Kit consists of the D810 body, AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G, AF-S NIKKOR 50mmm f/1.8G, AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G lenses, 2 additional EN-EL15 batteries, ME-1 Stereo Microphone, Atomos Ninja-2 External Recorder, and Tiffen® 67mm and 58mm Variable Neutral Density Filters (8-Stops). For stop motion applications, the D810 Animator’s Kit features the D810 body, AF-S Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G ED VR lens, EH-5b Power Adapter, EP5B Power Supply Connector and Dragonframe™ Stop Motion Software plus Dragonframe USB Keypad Controller. For more information and pricing for these kit configurations, please visit www.nikonusa.com.

Nikon D810 specifications

MSRP US$3299.95
Body type
Body type Mid-size SLR
Body material Magnesium alloy
Max resolution 7360 x 4912
Other resolutions FX: 5520 x 3680, 3680 x 2456; 1.2: 6144 x 4080, 4608 x 3056, 3072 x 2040; 5:4: 6144 x 4912, 4608 x 3680, 3072 x 2456; DX: 4800 x 3200, 3600 x 2400, 2400 x 1600
Image ratio w:h 5:4, 3:2
Effective pixels 36 megapixels
Sensor photo detectors 37 megapixels
Sensor size Full frame (35.9 x 24 mm)
Sensor size notes RAW (NEF) available at 12 or 14-bits, lossless compressed, compressed, uncompressed, large or small size.
Sensor type CMOS
Processor EXPEED 4
Color space sRGB, AdobeRGB
Color filter array Primary color filter
ISO Auto, 64-12800
White balance presets 12
Custom white balance Yes (6 slots)
Image stabilization No
Uncompressed format RAW + TIFF
JPEG quality levels Fine, normal, basic
File format
  • JPEG (Exif 2.3, DCF 2.0)
  • RAW (NEF)
  • TIFF (RGB)
Optics & Focus
  • Contrast Detect (sensor)
  • Phase Detect
  • Multi-area
  • Center
  • Selective single-point
  • Tracking
  • Single
  • Continuous
  • Face Detection
  • Live View
Autofocus assist lamp Yes
Manual focus Yes
Number of focus points 51
Lens mount Nikon F
Focal length multiplier
Screen / viewfinder
Articulated LCD Fixed
Screen size 3.2″
Screen dots 1,229,000
Touch screen No
Screen type TFT-LCD (WRGB)
Live view Yes
Viewfinder type Optical (tunnel)
Viewfinder coverage 100%
Viewfinder magnification 0.7×
Photography features
Minimum shutter speed 30 sec
Maximum shutter speed 1/8000 sec
Exposure modes
  • Program
  • Shutter priority
  • Aperture priority
  • Manual
Built-in flash Yes
Flash range 12.00 m (at ISO 100)
External flash Yes (via hot shoe, flash sync terminal, wireless)
Flash modes Front-curtain sync, slow sync, rear-curtain sync, redeye reduction, redeye reduction w/slow sync, slow rear-curtain sync
Flash X sync speed 1/250 sec
Drive modes
  • Single-frame
  • Continuous low-speed [CL]
  • Continuous high-speed [CH]
  • Quiet Shutter Release
  • Quiet Continuous Release
  • Self-timer
  • Mirror-up
Continuous drive 5 fps
Self-timer Yes (2, 5, 10, 20 secs for up to 9 shots)
Metering modes
  • Multi
  • Center-weighted
  • Highlight-weighted
  • Spot
Exposure compensation ±5 (at 1/3 EV, 1/2 EV, 1 EV steps)
AE Bracketing ±5 (2, 3, 5, 7 frames at 1/3 EV, 2/3 EV, 1 EV steps)
WB Bracketing Yes (2-9 exposures in 1-3 increments)
Videography features
Resolutions 1920 x 1080 (60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, 24p), 1280 x 720 (60p, 50p)
Format MPEG-4, H.264
Videography notes Uncompressed output over HDMI with simultaneous writing to memory card
Microphone Stereo
Speaker Mono
Storage types SD/SDHC/SDXC, CompactFlash (UDMA compliant)
USB USB 3.0 (5 GBit/sec)
HDMI Yes (mini-HDMI)
Wireless Optional
Wireless notes via WT-5A or Eye-Fi
Remote control Yes
Environmentally sealed Yes
Battery Battery Pack
Battery description EN-EL15 lithium-ion battery & charger
Battery Life (CIPA) 1200
Weight (inc. batteries) 980 g (2.16 lb / 34.57 oz)
Dimensions 146 x 123 x 82 mm (5.75 x 4.84 x 3.23″)
Other features
GPS Optional
GPS notes via GP-1 or GP-1A
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Megumi 7 Years Old Birthday, 14th June 2014

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday Jun 14, 2014 Under Family

It was Megumi’s 7 Years Old Birthday! We didn’t get Secret Recipe cake this time, as there is not much choices left in the last minute, and the price is HIGH! So we bought a simple small cake, but surprisingly very delicious as well!

The SHOCK expression from Megumi, when Emmanuel blow the candles first!


Oh no! Emmanuel seems pretty satisfied…


It is OK, we will light up the candles for you again…


Emmanuel is waiting for 2nd chance…


This time my wife moved the cake further away from Emmanuel, so that Megumi has the chance to blow the candles.

DSC_7483 DSC_7488

Happily cutting the cake now.



Megumi and her grandmother



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Xiao Mi Mi3 Review – Malaysia Set

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Jun 2, 2014 Under Rojak

Managed to order the 2nd batch of Xiao Mi Mi3 from www.mi.com/my website last week (2014-05-28). Got the order keyed in on around 12.12pm, and it was sold out at 12.16pm. 16 minutes after launching.

Received my Mi3 yesterday (2014-06-01), so total is 5 days including the ordering day to receive the Mi3. It was shipped  from an address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, unlike iPhone which was shipped directly from Sheng Zhen, China. It comes with Sirim Sticker, and packed in a hard solid paper cardboard. Recycled material? I think so. Have the environmental friendly feel, but not elegant feel like Apple packaging.


Since the phone is using Lithium battery, so it is important to declare that in shipment, which is required under FedEx shipment.


Inside the box there is the Mi3 box, UK style power adapter and invoice.


Going into details you will see the below:


The adapter at the lower part of the above photo is the MicroSIM adapter. The photo comes with MiniSIM adapter by default.

Mi3 is sitting firmly inside the box.


It is not small, and I have my Samsung S3 laying next to it as a comparison. You can’t see the screen of the Mi3 now, photo after power ON later.


Holding in hand comparison.



Samsung Galaxy S3


Side by side comparison


Back view


Samsung S3 is using plastic casing, which I have no problem with, and is actually quite light and durable to withhold impact damage (drop, hit…etc.). Mi3 on the other hand is metal casing, which I am worrying of scratching and knocking. I have a slight regret that I didn’t add the bumper case for it when purchasing. Maybe I will get that later.

Powering up the Mi3 required SIM card. After setting up (for Android system, Google account is essential…so that you can fully utilize the functions of cloud data storage), the screen of Mi3 is beautiful! Very high resolution and I can see no dot or pixel on the screen.

Side by side comparison to my S3


In term of real estate (screen size), Mi3 is slightly larger / longer than S3. The icons appear to be larger than S3. Colour is vivid, vibrant and sharp.

At RM889 (purchase directly from www.mi.com/my), I think it is a great buy! The current Samsung S5 might be a great phone (love the leather back), but I don’t think it is 2.5x better than the Mi3 (S5 is still selling at RM2000+ in the market).

My biggest complaint on the Samsung S3 is the slow response on the camera function, which I am not impressed even on my wife’s latest Samsung Note 3, but I am happy with the Mi3 camera function. It is fast, responsive and instantaneous in photo capturing and reviewing! No more waiting for the photo to appear when you press the view photo button on the phone. It comes out immediately, just like iPhone!

Below is the original photo taken using Mi3. Click for full resolution.


Being still an Android phone, there is not much different in terms of user interface as compared to Samsung. Mi3 is running Android 4.3.

In Conclusion, I am satisfied with the money spent. At RM889, you can only get a “normal” grade Samsung Galaxy Grand phone, but Mi3 is of Galaxy S5 standard. :)

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Update of my Discus fish

Posted by Dr Koh on Friday May 23, 2014 Under Fish

Took some photos of my discus fish today after water changed.

Bought these 4 discus from Forrest last week, and they are doing great!

This is a rare straight line red turquoise. The shape is nice, the pattern is nice, and the colour is nice as well!


This is the Forrest Giant Red Turquoise. It is really huge, mainly due to the high fin. Forrest said it has the GIANT gene inside it, which means it will grow to much bigger size than normal discus. Judging from the size of its eyes, I think the fish is only 1 year or less of age. Discus can live upto 10 years as per documented, so this one can really go into GIANT! It is already reaching 5.5″ now!

This one is having straight line pattern as well, though not as straight as the one above, but is still a nice one.



This is Scorpion Blue discus. I like the fine patterns on it.


This is has less pattern, but the blue is nice.


When the fins open up, the fish is really nice!

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Visiting Forrest Discus on 15th May 2014 (Thursday)

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday May 17, 2014 Under Fish

I have the chance to visit the famous Forrest Discus farm in Johor few days ago (15th May 2014 (Thursday)). It is about 1 hour drive from where I live, and the journey is a smooth drive via highway. Total distance is around 55km as per WAZE GPS.

For discus lovers, the farm is like a paradise. So many great discus in different strains at one place, and the best thing is…they are all very healthy! I spent several hours at the farm, looking at the fish and chit-chatting with Forrest, who is a very nice and humble guy to spend time with!

No, he is not into selling. In fact, he asked me not to buy, as I already have many discus in my tank. Still, I want to bring back some nice discus, so I insist. Forrest is sincere in telling me the quality of each fish, and below are what I got at the end.

Two Blue Scorpions, One Straight Line Red Turquoise, and One Forrest Giant Red Turquoise.

The two blue scorpions are 4-4.5″ each. I love the fine patterns on this one.


While this one is more clean, it has a nice shape as well.


Love this red turq on first look. Very nice straight line pattern! It is a 5″ fish! The photo doesn’t do justice to the fish, as the fins are clamped after I changed water.


I wanted to get another turquoise, so Forrest brought me to another farm of his (yes, he got two farms), to select his own breed Forrest Giant Red Turq, and he chose this straight line one for me. This one is huge, 5.5″!


All the fish are extremely healthy! I quarantine them for 2 days in a small tank, and noticed that the Giant Red Turq was bullying the others (chasing and causing fish to jump and splash the water around and hurting themselves), so I join them to my bigger tank with others.

Really happy with the quality of these fish, and most importantly, make a new friend. :)

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Golden Discus at my local fish store

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday May 12, 2014 Under Fish

Saw this today, no, didn’t bought as the fish in the tank don’t look healthy…so the risk is too high in contaminating my current HEALTHY tank…which I have gone a long way in keeping my fish health.



The fish looks quite nice shape to me, but colour is not as solid (not yellow enough on the body).

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It’s her day! It’s Lydia’s Birthday! It’s Mother’s Day!

Posted by Dr Koh on Sunday May 11, 2014 Under Family

Today, 11th May 2014, is my beloved wife, Lydia’s birthday! Today is also the 2nd Sunday of May, celebrating Mother’s day worldwide!


She said no need cake…but I still decided to go get a small cake for her, and also for the two kids. Kids LOVE cake!

Also got 3 roses for my wife, means “I LOVE YOU”. Hahaa…


Megumi made a little prayer.


Candle blowing…


Cake cutting…


Enjoying our dinner… :)


Everybody wants to cut the cake. We didn’t get Secret Recipe cake this time, as it is too big, no good cakes left, and too expensive. So we get one from Season, small one, which is surprisingly quite delicious! Cheese cake…my favorite! Hahaa…and Megumi’s favorite too!

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Blue Diamond Discus at RM100

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday May 3, 2014 Under Fish

Saw this one in my lfs, RM100 per fish. No, I didn’t get it. I like the blue but the shape to me is so so. I prefer more rounded fish.


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Pigeon Blood Snakeskin Discus at local fish store

Posted by Dr Koh on Saturday May 3, 2014 Under Fish

Amazingly beautiful, especially when they are in school!

The local fish store referred it as Vietnam Pigeon Blood Snakeskin, some called it Honeycomb discus.






Size is around 4.5″ US Size (from tip to tail), or 4″ Asia size, selling at RM280 per fish (USD90). Too expensive for me, so I didn’t get any.

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Bought them! Not it…but them! :)

Posted by Dr Koh on Monday Apr 21, 2014 Under Fish

Cannot resist the shape, so brought them home. I think is BRILLIANT strain, or mix of snake skin with leopard. Should be interesting when they grow up. Size is around 3.5″ to 4″ now.

Got it at RM45 per piece, from original RM49.90. The boss’s brother not willing to discount on Sat, so I waited till the boss was in shop on Sunday to bargain, and got some discount.

This one caught my attention initially.


But I got attracted with another one that is very round as well.


I think both of them have the bulldog gene, where the vertical black lines on the eyes are of < shape towards the mouth. Not as ugly as bulldog, but have the nice round shape.

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A nice shape Discus I saw

Posted by Dr Koh on Sunday Apr 20, 2014 Under Fish

Some like it…some might not…

But I like it… :)


No, I didn’t bought it…not yet…as the shop is asking RM49.90 for it…I was hoping RM38…

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Big Size Red Melon Discus

Posted by Dr Koh on Sunday Apr 6, 2014 Under Fish

Saw this in the local fish store today. RM79. Quite nice colour. Clean and perfect fins.


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Lost Six of my discus fish

Posted by Dr Koh on Friday Apr 4, 2014 Under Fish

My discus tank has been a disaster  since 2 weeks ago. Tried many methods, changed water daily, use RO water, medicinessss…and till today I removed the sands in my tank to keep the water cleaner.

I have lost 6 discus in this event. Four adults and two juveniles. The adults are blue super eruption, Penang eruption (one of my favorite fish), snake skins fine lines, and golden crystal (I like this one too). The two juveniles are one giant blue snakeskin and one red turquoise. The Golden crystal and snake skin fine lines died today. The snakeskin is already in bad condition last night, didn’t expect it to be able to last till today’s noon. The golden crystal showed bad sign this morning, and after water changed, it left at 2.45pm.

I got really tired with the condition of the fish. Quite helpless feeling when seeing the fish dying, as I have run out of idea and solutions.

At the moment, another adult fish red super eruption is not showing good sign. It tilt to one side, and laying on the floor. I hope it can make it and get back to health.

I am left with few more fishes. Adults: Snakeskin, leopard, super eruption, blood pigeon. Juveniles: giant blue snakeskin, red turquoise, 4 x red melon, 2 x red snakeskins, 3 x checkerboard. These are all in my 4 feet tank.

i have another two adult fish in my small tank. They are one pigeon blood and one albino Snow White. These two are not mixed with the other fish, so they didn’t get sick. Good news today…after changed the water in the small tank, they spawned again. This is their third round, hopefully they can succeed this time.

Back to my main tank. After water change and removing the sands, most of the fish look fine and active now. I shall get the water clean up again tomorrow or Sunday, remove the leftover dirt at the bottom.


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