26 Mar

Mercedes showroom visit

Went to see see Mercedes at Tampoi, Johor.

The S400 was so much more spacious and luxurious than the E Class.

After seeing the S Class…E Class looks bad…

24 Mar

A New Path in Life – Resigned from UTM

I came to UTM 22 years ago…did my Marine Technology (Mechanical Engineering) bachelor degree there after SPM. Graduated in 1999, then continue my master study there as well. Finished my study in 2002, then took up the job as a research officer in Marine Technology Laborary. In 2003, I applied and joined as a Lecturer in Marine Technology Department.

I went to Japan to study my PhD in Hiroshima University in year 2005, under Monbokagakusho scholarship. Finished my study and back to UTM in year 2008 with a Dr title hereafter (easier for people to remember me as Dr Koh, or just Dr when they don’t recall my name). It is an amazing experience in Japan…and I started up my personal business (ShaShinKi.com) in Dec 2005, 2 months after arriving in Japan.

I continue to work and serve in UTM after coming back from Japan in Oct 2008. Some people asked which one is my full time job? Lecturer or Camera Seller? Public University Lecturer is one of the best job in Malaysia, if not in the world. You manage your own time, your own money (research grant), your own students. You get handsome pay, with benefits and protections as a government servant.

In Jan 2016, I decided to take a year off from UTM. Unpaid leave. It is a tough but long due decision.

In March 2017, I submitted my resignation letter, after 13+ years with UTM as an academician. God’s grace has always been flourishing on me. I thank my family, friends, colleagues for the support and blessing.

Life is short, I wanted to try something else.

10 Mar

Rambutan fruit from our garden

We planted the tree 8 years ago. From just small branch till now tall grown. This season it delivered the most fruits, total maybe over 50 rambutan. My wife loves it!

10 Mar

Office toilet table top 

This is the original toilet hand wash bowl without table top.

I told my contractor to add a table top, and he selected white tile design for me, reusing the left over tiles from the flooring tiles.

My wife said is not nice and difficult to maintain, as dirt will show easily. So I told the contractor to remove the white tiles and replace them with black one.

Empty as initial…

It is actually not a difficult job. Done within the same day. Then retiling to black. 

Final version, left door. Aluminum door is going to cost RM700. Looks much more elegant than white tiles. 

10 Mar

Philips LED down light 

It was a headache finding the suitable down light for my office. There are many “XYZ” brand in the market, price is around RM30+-.

Then I saw this Philips brand LED down light. Seems to be quite nice looking. 4″ type on the inner part, and 6″ if inclusive the external metal ring. There is another bigger size version that is of 6″ for the internal (8″ inclusive of ring), which I find too big for my office.

At RM29.50+GST per unit, and I bought 72 pieces for my new office.

10 Mar

Colouring fun

The kids are having fun colouring. They would go to the computer to Google for their favorite pictures, print out and colour themselves.

10 Mar

Diamond water filtration system 

In malaysia, it is a norm for every household to have a water filtration system for the water that deliver into their house.

We have this Diamond brand water filtration system installed few years back, and every 6 months, this man will call me up and come to my house to do the cleaning and changing of the filter sponge.

Yes, it is really dirty…it costs RM60 for the service.

4 Mar

New Intel i5 7th Gen PC

Setting up a new PC for my colleague.

i5 7400 3.0 Ghz
16gb RAM
Kingston 256GB UV400 SSD
Logitech wireless mouse + keyboard
Windows 10


14 Feb

Valentine’s Gift

My wife said she wanted rabbits…so today we went shopping. We still miss our previous Ruby, Lulu and Bibi.

We actually went out last night to a pet house, but no rabbit there. So today we went another one, and got 7 rabbits there for us to choose. Two red eyes, three black eyes, and two black fur.

Initially we planned to have just two, but my wife like the white one with black eyes, and one black one, and I like the white one with red eyes, so in the end we bought three.

We chose the largest cage from the pet shop, want to give more space to them. We do have big compound in our house for the rabbits, but the cage is to actually protect them from cats and birds in the neighborhood.

The kids are excited with the new pets as well.