26 Aug

The BenQ SW2700PT 27″ Widescreen LED Backlit QHD Monitor Review in Malaysia

I was contacted by a BenQ agent in Malaysia on 21st July 2016 to ask if I am interested in reviewing their flagship monitor for photographer…

the BenQ SW2700PT 27″ Widescreen LED Backlit QHD Monitor BenQ-SW2700PT-02After some arrangement and negotiation, yesterday (25th August 2016) I went to pickup the monitor from an agent in Taman Daya, Johor Bahru. Drove 30+30km distance to retrieve the monitor, and only managed to find time to unpack it at night.


This monitor is targeted at photographers, and as the co-founder and admin of PhotoMalaysia.com, that’s the reason why BenQ wants me to review the monitor. A full review will be posted at PhotoMalaysia.com forum in 2-3 weeks time.

In Malaysia, this monitor is selling at Suggest Retail Price RM2999, and street price should be in the RM2700+ region. Not cheap for a monitor, but is it worth the money?

My current workstation is having two Dell UltraSharp monitors, their best range performance when I bought them. They are the Dell UltraSharp U3011 (30″, costs me RM3499 in year 2011) and Dell UltraSharp U2713HM (27″, costs me RM1619.10 in year 2012). It is interesting to see how this BenQ monitor performs as compared to my Dell.

Will update after I tested the monitor more. 🙂

21 Aug

Samsung Galaxy S3 Revive 

Don’t remember the last time I sold my phone…maybe never…as I don’t trust giving out my phone to shop or others that might hack back my data…

So I have this Samsung Galaxy S3 kept in drawer for several years…(i upgraded to mi 3, then Samsung Note 5).

We need new phone for my office for WhatsApp use, and I am glad that this S3 is still around. However, I couldn’t power it up even after charging, suspect battery dead.

I took the chance by buying a new battery for it. Went to a shop to try it out, and yes it works. I am happy to pay RM49 for the third party battery, ori will cause over RM100, and it might still not be ori. So might as well get a third party replacement.

Reset the phone to factory condition, running Android 4, installed simcard (XOX), installed WhatsApp, it is good to go. 

11 Aug

SHASHINKI enters Alliance Bank SME Innovation Challenge 2016

Spent several days and nights brainstorming and preparing the idea and content, finally submitted my challenge just now.

alliancebank-biz-smartI want to try it out, challenge not just the idea, but also myself, before SHASHINKI SDN BHD is too old to enter (must be in operations of 3 years and below as the basic requirement).

Let’s see if I can be among the 60 selected entrance…

alliance bank leaflet

May God’s will be glorify and opening the path before me!

19 Jul

TM UniFi FREE Speed Upgrade (from 5Mbs to 10Mbs)

Got an sms from TM few days ago…

RM0.00:TM: Congrats! Your UniFi speed will be upgraded to 10Mbps! FREE upgrade, NO contract. Restart your modem after 24hrs to enjoy new speed. T&C apply.

Today only I remembered about it. So I did a test before and after, to see if there is any significant difference or not in real.

Before I restart the modem, I did a Speedtest.  tmbefore

Below is after restarting the modem.


Yes, quite a significant improvement in speed, as what TM promised, 10Mbps.

TM has been calling me for several months pursuing me to UPGRADE to their 10Mbs package with extra RM10-20 monthly fee (can’t remember exactly the price), but I told them no. Main reason being I still able to surf smoothly with the 5Mbps package, so no urge to upgrade. TM no longer offering 5Mbps package to the public, it seems that it is more economical for them to maintain and keep all users at 10Mbps minimum.

Glad that I didn’t “upgrade” with fee.

9 Jul
Bought a Haagen-Dazs Green Tea ice-cream from AEON Taman Universiti, Johor, 2 days ago. Today when consuming, found the ice-cream to be ice like, not ice cream.
The expiry date is in Dec 2016.
It is really hard and the ice-cream is like frozen ice cube. Before you start suspecting the problem with my refrigerator, I have the same taste ice-cream stored inside without problem last month. I also have the Baskin Robin ice-cream store in the same compartment next to this Haagen-Dazs bought at the same time from AEON that tastes perfectly! Yes, we almost finish the 1 Litre Baskin Robbins as it tastes so good and smooth!
I suspect the Haagen Dazs ice-cream was melted and refrigerated, no smooth texture at all.
6 Jul

Hitachi 18kg Top Loading Washing Machine HTC-SF180XWVSL

Taking the Raya sales ride, so we decided to get a new washing machine for our home.

We are currently using the front loader LG washing machine, which uses very little water in washing, which we doubt it is clean. Several hand rinse after washing confirmed that there are still a lot of detergent residue left on the cloth after washing. This is bad and worrying as my boy likes to bite on the shirts or cloth.

So here we go shopping for a new washing machine today, and we chose Hitachi for I have seen the model in newspaper recently promoting it as the latest model and technology. Furthermore, we decided on Japanese brand as got no confident on Samsung or LG Korean brand anymore.

Original price RM2799, RAYA discount RM300, becomes RM2499. Then the good Malay salesman give another RM100 discount to sweeten the deal (we didn’t asked, but was considering either the 16kg or 18kg models). At RM2399, the 18kg model is at the same price as the 16kg model, so we go for the 18kg of course.

Hitachi 18kg Top Loading Washing Machine HTC-SF180XWVSL

Inner view, metal drum, said to have self clean function. My wife said the banana was purposely put inside to give you an idea on how BIG the drum is…

This is our old LG front loader washing machine.

Delivery can only be done after Raya, which is next week. Not a problem.

6 Jul

Garden shed? 

Need a place to keep the tools of our garden. Finally we went and bought these metal cabinets yesterdayyesterday. RM805, free delivery. Keeping our car porch tidy. 

17 Jun

AirAsia, morning shines


Sunlight shines at early morning, 6.45am.

Arrived at 6.40am in the morning, beautiful sunrise on the left, and two AirAsia planes were resting on the right waiting to serve again. Took out my Samsung Note 5 to take a few quick snap before the ground crew came to ask the other passengers not to stop there. Yeah, many were snapping photos of the beautiful sunrise and plane, but most took the other plane as below. Stunning sunrise right behind, but not so easy to capture using phone camera. Still better than no photo… 😀


Very hardworking planes. AirAsia.