Mum, Lydia, Megumi & I…

Took some family snap shots yesterday…



An Entrepreneur, Photographer, Coder, Lecturer, Father, Hubby, Believer, Sinner...


  1. Nice Family.
    Zamre Bin Ab. Wahab

  2. Hi there, thanks for taking the time to share your family and your own life’s story here…it certainly helps me to identify with you more as a person, father, husband, and yes, a brother in Christ.

    My first time here and its wonderful to know you much more personally thru your blog. I’ve been “in and out” of PhotoMalaysia for around a year now, read quite a few of your postings and simply knew you as the founder with a “cute, south-park” avatar..and that’s just about it..until now.

    So, thanks again for all your sharing…may God bless you and your family always! ^__^

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