25 Jun

Goodbye, my Tiara 

My first car, given by my father when I was studying in UTM. I think I got the car in year 2002…born in Year 1996. The last time the roadtax got renewed was in Year 2013.

The car has been serving me for many years. Drove from Johor to Perak, and was my wedding car when Lydia married me in her kampung. She said this is the most “classic” wedding car in their kampung history…

I still remembered when we drove the car from Johor back to Perak, the aircond got too cold and frozen till white freezing air came out.

The car was kept in my wife parent’s house for 3 years when we went studying in Japan for 3 years (2005-2008). Then when we returned from Japan, we passed the car to one of our ShaShinKi staff to drive in Johor to work. It has been serving her for several years, until the air-conditional broke down and car got gasoline smell. I paid RM700+ to repair the air conditioner, still the gasoline smell part made it hard to repair or not worth repairing. It has then been sitting in the house car porch for 3-4 years.

Today we said goodbye to her. Suddenly felt really sad when seeing the car being towed away…it is like losing part of our history…

My wife was sad…she cried…she asked to take the car back…but I think it is better to let her go and serve her parts to other Tiara that might still able to utilize her.

Goodbye, my Tiara…thank you for the faithful serving in your lifetime…

25 Jun

Great Dinner Celebrating Alvin’s Birthday at Warakuya Japanese Restaurant 和乐屋日本料理@Sutera Utama 五福城

Last night we have a great dinner celebrating my best friend Alvin’s birthday at Warakuya Japanese Restaurant 和乐屋日本料理@Sutera Utama 五福城. Alvin and his wife have opened up a educational toys shop called NiceVin just next to ShaShinKi.com.

The food is great, and the environment is nice. We book the table at 7pm, and there are already many crowds there. The restaurant serves snacks and drinks for those who are waiting outside, which is a great thought to avoid customers getting bored our out of patience waiting.

All together we have 4 families joining the dinner. Ordered quite a lot of food, and we got to taste and try out more variety than usual.

This is what I ordered. Fresh, thick, nice!

18 Jun

YES Wireless 4G Internet Broadband 

Went and sign up wireless Internet broadband under YES on 11th April 2016. My new shop doesn’t have Unifi yet, so have to find a wireless solution.

The speed is fast, but I underestimated the data usage of my shop. Within just a morning, my staffs have used up all the 30GB data.

So, no…YES cannot solve the internet problem in my new shop.

However, few months into using YES, I find it a good option as a backup and temporary Internet for my staffs and walk in customers. Which is still good.

18 Jun

My Wife’s Cello – Karl Hofner Handmade A. Stradivarius Model Cello (H8-C)”

Bought this cello for my wife during her birthday this year. Together with a hard case that is even more expensive than her previous student cello.

Was hoping to get  a red hard case but out of stock, so have to settle for the silver one.

This cello brand and model is “Karl Hofner Handmade A. Stradivarius Model Cello (H8-C)” made in Germany.

The cello case is “BAM Classic Cello Case with Wheels”.

12 Jun

One World Hotel, 1 Utama Kuala Lumpur 

The hotel we stayed, One World Hotel, next to 1 Utama shopping mall. 

Is a very nice hotel. Room is clean and spacious. 

The swimming pool is a bit small though, but we still have some fun time there. 

12 Jun

Holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Fatty Crab Dinner

We fed the kids with their food in other restaurant first, then only headed to Fatty Crab that is just 15 mines drive (via Grab only RM4). 

Ordered the long lusting food, chili crab, and my wife is enjoying it! I ordered my favorite satay and some chicken  wings for the kids. 

11 Jun

Nicevin Opening on 5th May 2017 (Books, Gifts & Educational Toys)

One of my best friend, Alvin, is having his shop opening on the 5th May 2017!

(Only managed to find time to post and share about this news…)

NiceVin – Books, Gifts & Educational Toys

The Vin…Alvin firing the fire cracker!

Group photo with friends and family.

The name NiceVin is originated from Wife & Husband name (Janice and Alvin). It started as a passion looking for products for their kids mainly (their two lovely princess), and later getting bulk order for their friends. They end up doing more and more in quantity and volume, and I am glad that it is now a fruitful physical business running just next to my store!

Flowers from friends and supporters:

Noticed the Chinese Star Andy Lau below? Nah…is from our other best friend…Ong, boss of W-One Marketing Sdn Bhd.

If you are looking for some quality products for your kids or presents for your friend’s (parents to be), do check out NiceVin Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mynicevin/ or website at http://nicevin.com/.

If you stayed in Johor or pass by here, do drop by at:

No. 65, Jalan Flora 1/9,
Taman Pulai Flora,
81300 Skudai,

Mobile / Whatsapp: +60 19-790 2280
11 Jun

Scammer Alert Imposing using email kohkhoking1@gmail.com

I got contacted by several persons that got scammed by a scammer that imposed as me that wants to hire English teacher via email kohkhoking1@gmail.com.

The scammer used my name and photos obtained from my blog to email to victims.

Below is the email that one of the victim sent to me.

Subject: Re: Children ESL Teacher Wanted

I want to start by thanking you for responding to my email.I contacted you because i want a good a focused teacher who can help my daughter in speaking and writing English Language.

She can say few words but need the services of a professional to help her communicate freely with other kids here.We are presently in London and the job is here in our home in London.

We expect you to start by the month May first week but can be flexible.

We have received your cv and pictures and ready to hire your services if you are available to relocate.
Are you presently in US or Malaysia?
Are you hot tempered?
Do you smoke or drink too much?
Do you have any reference we can contact?

Attached is my family pictures.

Dr.Koh King

If you received such email or someone from kohkhoking1@gmail.com, do take note that it is a SCAMMER. I have reported twice to Google / Gmail on the scammer, but it seems like Google is still doing nothing.

I am posting the info here in my blog, hopefully those who received such email will try Google for the info first and reach this blog post and avoid being scammed.

10 Jun

Photomalaysia.com New Homepage

My dear website, which was started much earlier than shashinki.com, born in year 2001, has gone through its peak time and low time, now has a new homepage that I redesigned last night to become the photography news portal for photo related news in Malaysia.

With the popularity of Facebook, forums have become less popular to many. Photos are being shared more directly to Facebook than forums. Photomalaysia is struggling to find its new direction, not to compete with Facebook but a site that is still able to serve photographers in Malaysia.

We don’t need another new gear portal as dpreview.com has perfected that.

However, we still need a site that can share and post local photography news. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Pentax, Sigma, Tamron, Leica…etc. all have their respective distributors in Malaysia, organizing events, giving out promotions, rebates, etc., each of them have their own Facebook page, reaching out to their own fans or followers. However, not all of us want to subscribe to every one of these distributors fabeook page. It will be too much for us to read daily. 

So, here comes the role of Photomalaysia. A local photography news portal. Compiling mainly local photography news for photographers in Malaysia. 


31 May

Dell U2415 Ultrasharp 24″ monitor 

My wife said…”What? Another computer?”

Dell U2415 Ultrasharp 24″ monitor. RM12xx. I bought it for her, to pair with her U2412M monitor. 

More even colour now as compared to Viewsonic vx2776 monitor, which is more yellowish. She is now using 3 monitors on her desktop. The Viewsonic has been put at the far right as Whatsapp window. 

This monitor comes pre calibrated with Calibration chart included.

Three is better than two. First time trying out three monitors on desktop.

30 May

Samsung NVMe SSD 960 EVO M.2 Hard Disk 

Just received this SSD today. This is the fastest SSD that you can find, or that I know of. Writing speed is 1800MB/S, and reading speed is a whopping 3200MB/S.

The current Kingston SSD NOW UV400 that I am using is only 550MB/S read speed. 

Just built a PC for my wife, am going to build a new PC for myself too. Can’t wait to see how fast this M.2 SSD is going to perform!

My planned PC specs:

  • Intel i7 7700 processor
  • Corsair PC3000 16GB x 2
  • Cooler Master Casing K380
  • Cooler Master 80 Plus 700W B700 Version 2 Power Supply
  • Asus ROG STRIX Z270E Gaming
27 May

Amoffice Executive Desk 

After a month of waiting, finally the desk is ready and installed in our office today. 

It is a really heavy desk. Weight over 150kg! The two workers were screaming when carrying the side of the desk that weight over 100kg in box to my 2nd floor office. It is tough carrying 100kg upstairs by two. Have to salute them! 

My wife is happy in her new office. It is quiet and cozy. Her personal private room.